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KEF KIDS is a London-based charity

KEF KIDS is a London-based charity, founded in 2006, and dedicated to supporting more than 100 children and young adults with a wide range of physical and learning disabilities. The purpose-built KEF centre opened in London in 2017 and is fitted with specialist facilities specifically tailored to the requirements of these children and young adults.

The existing flooring structure had become compromised, which resulted in cracks developing that let water and dirt in. This was ultimately a health hazard. As part of what it describes as an ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility, wineo supplied more than 400sq m of PURLINE 1500 in Navi Blue stars and Light Grey to this London-based charity. This has reportedly provided the children with a fresh, safe, and comfortable environment, as well as an enhanced playground and sensory experience.

Says wineo: ‘PURLINE 1500 is plasticiser and VOC-free, allergy-safe and dimensionally stable. The flooring has been installed throughout the centre to offer high durability, economic cleaning and attractive design.’

The company continues: ‘wineo flooring is renowned for its extreme durability and comfort underfoot. PURLINE 1500 has been certified for suitability in light industrial settings owing to its extreme durability, and this high-efficiency flooring excels with an outstanding residual indentation behaviour of ~0.05mm in accordance with EN ISO 24343. PURLINE is suitable for the high footfall and heavy usage from the children and young people who use the centre outside of school hours.’

Benny Groszman, co-founder of KEF KIDS, says: ‘We cannot thank wineo enough for supplying this flooring to our London children’s centre. The difference this has made to the lives of people in this community is simply immeasurable. The previous flooring was a real health and safety hazard, but this new flooring from wineo has given the building a new lease-of-life.

‘Despite the heavy usage, it comes up spotless time and time again, restoring effortlessly and always looks pristine. Once again, children with special needs and disabilities, along with their families, have a safe haven to visit and enjoy. The charitable giving from wineo should be commended and applauded, and it will ensure the safety and enjoyment of our children for many years to come.’

wineo says PURLINE 1500 offers significant reduction in cleaning, chemical-free reduced maintenance and excellent lifecycle savings.

‘Conducting underfloor heating effectively, it complements the efficiency of the current heating system, and its strong PU surface makes it easy to clean and is highly dirt-resistant. For further reassurance that the underfloor heating would not be disturbed, or damaged, tongue-and-groove chipboard was installed over the heating system with PURLINE 1500 laid on top. With up to 30% savings on the cost of cleaning and resources, it’s one of the most cost-effective and economical flooring solutions in the long term.’

Awarded with many sustainability and Green Design certificates such as Blue Angel, Cradle2Cradle, Greenguard, Pfiff Institute and TUV Profi, wineo flooring has, says the company, excellent ecological characteristics.

The company continues: ‘The Navi Blue stars and Light Grey colours work well together, adding to the fun and relaxing ambience of this London centre, and ensure a lasting impression. It is a large building and the flooring with its checkerboard design amplifies the space. The building boasts a dividing wall, which affords a self-contained unit to house a separate group, as well as an office, quiet room for children who need some ‘timeout’, a soft play area and a sensory room, which includes lava lamps and other sensory equipment, as well as video animation that plays directly onto the flooring.’

Fire-resistance and safety come as standard with wineo flooring, says the company, and PURLINE 1500 has ‘a very high light fastness of >7, which ensures excellent UV-resistance, is odour neutral during installation and use, as well as boasting a high level of thermostability. Along with its impressive wear-resistance, PURLINE is easy to clean and maintain, and has been built to last. Unbeatably ecological, limitlessly creative, and extremely resilient, PURLINE 1500 has provided the KEF centre with the perfect combination of style and wellbeing’.

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