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Mapei and its dedication to quality, longevity & wellbeing

Mapei’s wide ranging products and solutions are a concrete example of its commitment to research and development. In 2021, it invested £38 million pounds in research and development across 32 research centres worldwide, regularly collaborating with universities and scientific and industrial research institutes to continuously update technologies in use.  Working on the entire product life cycle, and putting the well-being of the planet and people at the centre of business initiatives, Mapei promotes a culture of quality and long-lasting construction.

Since 2017, the firm has shared the results achieved in its annual Sustainability Report, setting out the actions that it has undertaken to monitor and reduce the impact of production processes and products on the environment.  To produce less and less waste and limit the exploitation of resources is one of the main challenges of this millennium: Mapei addresses this by paying particular attention to the use of recycled materials in products and formulations, as well as in packaging.

Driving sustainability through products & relationships

Mapei’s sustainable-focused mission centres around a number of areas, both product and people focused.  These include:

EVALUATING PRODUCT IMPACT: A dedicated group evaluates the impact generated by products throughout their life cycle using the methodological approach – LCA (Life Cycle Assessment).

DURABILITY & CIRCULARITY: Mapei ensures that its solutions promote durability and circularity, since application of a quality product guarantees better resistance, less maintenance and less wasted material. This reduces the environmental impact.

COMMITMENT TO INCREASING SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION:  The high quality and low environmental impacts that characterise Mapei solutions can significantly contribute to the sustainability of buildings in which they are specified, e.g. by increasing their energy performance.
Mapei’s voluntary certifications and protocols for sustainable certification of buildings include LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), BREEAM-Nor, WELL (Well Building Standard), the “Der Blaue Engel” label and the Finnish mark M1 or Logo Sanitaire.

CREATING A CULTURE OF SUSTAINABILITY: Every year, Mapei interacts with designers, contractors, installers, material manufacturers and companies, providing technical assistance to ensure that they can maximise product benefits without compromising their performance, durability and sustainability. In 2021, Mapei provided a total of 10,752 hours of technical training throughout Europe, involving approximately 127,426 participants.

Power & water

Mapei’s commitment to reducing its emission of greenhouse gases is demonstrated by its investment into cogeneration plants installed at subsidiary facilities – Vinavil, Polyglass and Vaga – and in photovoltaic plants at its Parent company’s facilities in Mediglia and Latina; part of a drive towards in-house production of electrical energy.

As well as seeking solutions to continually lower greenhouse gas emissions, Mapei also identifies relevant sustainability projects to offset CO2 emissions generated by its products.  In 2021, it introduced the CUBE System, designed to actively help the concrete industry maintain its high standards while reducing CO2 emissions and consequently the climate impact. It also offset the total CO2 emissions generated by the overall production of KERAFLEX MAXI S1 ZERO in Italy and ULTRACOLOR PLUS in Europe by purchasing certified credits. The project chosen to offset CO2 involves generating energy from renewable hydroelectric sources in Indonesia.

Wellbeing & safe, sustainable learning

Numerous initiatives have been launched by Mapei, with a focus on the working environment. In the UK, these include investment in the Mapei Academy – a purpose-built training facility in Halesowen, in the West Midlands, and a complementary programme of online bitesize courses. Live, interactive sessions provide delegates with the opportunity to ask experts specific questions relating to products, applications and projects. All of the training courses – both face to face and online – are available free of charge.

Made in the UK

Innovative flooring solutions manufacturered in the UK at the Halesowen plant include: Ultrabond Eco TX3 – an excellent wet grab adhesive for textile and linoleum floorings, Ultrabond Eco V4 Evolution – an all-in-one universal adhesive for resilient and textile floor and wall-coverings, and Ultrabond Eco Tack TX+ carpet tile tackifier.   All part of the Ultrabond Eco range, the adhesives are solvent-free and certified Emicode EC1 Plus (very low emissions of VOC).  In 2023 Mapei has also opened a new manufacturing site in Speke, Liverpool for the local production of admixtures for concrete.

To find out more about Mapei’s product ranges, please visit www.mapei.co.uk   To read Mapei’s Sixth Sustainability Report, please visit https://www.mapei.com/it/en/about-us/sustainability-menu/sustainability-report

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