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Sustainability Guide – coming soon to a digital screen near you

THE CFA’s guide to sustainability is a supplement designed to inform the industry of useful information for all companies in flooring to improve their eco performance, no matter where they are on their sustainability journeys.

One of the elements discussed in the publication is the key environmental regulations currently in force which businesses need to be aware of, and some of the new ones coming to fruition over the upcoming year(s). This is highlighted so businesses can make adaptations where possible as well trying to encourage them to become pro-active rather than reactive.

Another topic displayed in the guide is the exclusive interviews from companies who’re leading the way in sustainable practises including the directors of the UK’s first carpet recycling factory, an example of significant initiative promoting sustainability.

With the UK government and the UN setting their target of reaching net zero by 2050, different industries including the flooring sector need to contribute, whether it’s creating products in a sustainable manner or designing their products so they can be recycled or discarded in environmentally safe circumstances.

Ultimately, the release of this guide illustrates the flooring industry is not only aware of the challenges we face but also committed to addressing them head-on. By harnessing collective efforts and leveraging innovation, we can build a more sustainable future for generations to come. Now is the time for action, and together, we can make a difference.

If you want to ensure your company is taking the right steps towards becoming more economical, see our latest issue of the sustainability guide below, or if you would like to demonstrate your eco methodology and developments you’ve made as a business in the upcoming issue in June, get in contact now: andrew@smartmarketingworks.com
See the most recent guide via digital page-turner on the CFJ and CFA websites below:


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