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The GREEN corner

What does Kick-Start Publishing, publishers of Contract Flooring Journal (CFJ) do to ensure it remains as green as it can be?

AT Kick-Start Publishing, we have solar panels on the roof to power the building. We have the latest lighting system with sensors to limit use and long-life bulbs. The office has underfloor heating (UFH) throughout to keep energy use down.

We recycle our waste and use eco-friendly inks plus we switched to web offset presses to enable us to reduce paper weight to 80sgsm. It also means the ink sits on top of the paper rather than impregnating it which again makes it easy to recycle.

I think as a business and bearing in mind we’re only a small operation, we’re as aggressively eco-friendly as we can be. As our paper is sourced and milled in the UK, and our magazines are picked up directly from the printers by Royal Mail, I do feel we have a positive reduction in our carbon footprint.
Stuart Bourne, managing director,
Kick-Start Publishing

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