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‘The only commercial tile you’ll ever need – or want’

BRITISH tile manufacturer, Johnson Tiles, says it’s extended what it describes as its ever-popular Kerastar range to become the go-to tile collection for commercial interiors.

Says the company: ‘The harmonious range of through-body, unglazed porcelain tiles now includes floor and wall tiles in various bright and vibrant tones, new shapes, and sizes. Exclusively designed for the commercial interiors market, the range beautifully combines up to 70% recycled content, commercial endurance, and architectural elegance.

‘Inspired by the limitless beauty of the natural world, the extended collection comprises 43 shades, 11 sizes, four finishes, four structures, and three shapes for maximum creativity. Suitable for use indoors and out, each shade is available in a selection of textured structures that achieve a PTV slip-resistance rating of 36+ in dry and wet areas.’

The company continues: ‘The through-body porcelain tiles are suitable for high-traffic areas including busy retail, hospitality, workplace, and healthcare environments. The material and colour run all the way through the tile so scratches, chips and signs of wear are easily blended or hidden.

Kerastar’s existing architectural-friendly neutral colour palette has been bolstered with the addition of cool greys, warm reds and burnt oranges to give designers the creative freedom to establish zones or create patterns across interior schemes.’

Classic tones such as Clay from the original collection offer the perfect base upon which to build a decor style, says the company. And for a pop of colour, the new Sage, Sky and Terracotta shades (to name just a few) reflect the brighter hues found in nature as well as popular colour trends throughout design, it adds.

Johnson Tiles’ senior designer Amy Pears, says: ‘Kerastar is the versatile collection every designer needs and wants. Developed exclusively for high-traffic commercial interiors, the range features tones, shapes, and structured finishes that are designed to coexist in harmony together.

‘From the forest floor to our expansive oceans, the colour palette takes inspiration from the limitless beauty of the natural world with shades including Fern, Sea, and Sky. Combining 43 shades with the bodied porcelain design and complimentary fixtures and fittings, the range blends beauty and strength to withstand the heaviest of footfalls with unlimited and coordinated design options.’

Concludes the company: ‘As the popularity of geometric shapes continues to surge, a selection of shades within the Kerastar collection are now available in two hexagonal shapes. Small and large format square and rectangular styles are also available, offering premium versatility and choice. For designers, this is the only range they’ll ever need – using the same tiles to unlock the tools to create a different look every time.

‘Fittings in within this range include battiscopa and cove skirtings along with step-treads, making Kerastar the ideal flooring solution for commercial specifications.’

Discover the collection and request a free sample now by visiting the Kerastar homepage.

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