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Triumph for sustainability as the CFA launches its latest Guide to Sustainability

The CFA is back with its fresh sustainability concepts for 2023 in its new online publication
THE CFA in conjunction with CFJ has recently launched its 2023 annual Sustainability Guide, covering various topics on the sustainability spectrum. The digital guide is free to access on the CFA and CFJ websites and is online-only to support the concept of eco-friendliness by saving several trees which would otherwise be used for printing the publication.

The guide’s theme this year is to highlight how very real the climate crisis has become across the globe and how companies can physically evolve to become more sustainable and play their part in achieving the goal of net zero by 2050.

It showcases practical examples of what companies are already doing to minimise the environmental impact and how organisations such as Carpet Recycling UK and Recofloor are leading the industry through research and processes and how to implement them across the construction sector.

The CFA training manager, Shaun Wadsworth elaborates on the ‘greening’ of skills in the flooring industry by explaining how a floorlayer can reduce waste when it comes to fitting. Contributions from Jane Thornback of the Construction Products Association, Stuart Young of BEIS, and Sébastien Combey of Unilin/CISUFLO are also included in this year’s guide, demonstrating how they’ve developed eco-friendly methods and products as well as raising awareness of how other companies can create and adapt similar procedures across manufacturing, take-back schemes, and application processes to keep CO2 levels at a minimum.

Other elements of the guide include lead articles by the ceo and president of the CFA, Richard Catt and Carl Harper who exclusively portray their ideas and views of sustainable processes and what it means for the future of the flooring industry.

To view the new CFA 2023 Sustainability Guide, see the digital page-turner on the CFA and CFJ websites below:

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