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Unilin’s laminate floors sits on high-density wood fiberboard

UNILIN says that at the core of its laminate floors sits a high-density wood fiberboard (HDF). Wood is not only a renewable material, but also helps fight climate change by the amount of CO2 it has absorbed. Trees have a broader role then to deliver wood, but to also provide shelter for animals and stimulate biodiversity.

That’s why, the company says, it opts not to cut trees for its laminate floor but use 100% recovered wood. These are wooden byproducts produced by other industries (like the sawmill industry, furniture industries etc) that would’ve been burned otherwise but are now recovered to create your floor.

Wood can also serve to provide green energy. Says UNILIN: ‘Again, we don’t cut trees to provide our green energy but use our internally produced wood dust to generate enough green heat to cover our needs and produce your floor.

‘At Unilin, we even go a step further and have invested in two biomass plants (a third to come!) where wood waste is converted into green energy. Again, no trees need to be cut for this. To this day, we are producing with up to 50% renewable energy on group level renewable energy on group level. In our Bospan site this is already 90%. We really give wood a second life.’

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