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Tarkett’s new Green Building Cards streamline sustainable product selection for architects and designers

EMBRACING the pressing need for greater sustainability in the built environment, Tarkett has introduced what it describes as its innovative Green Building Cards.

Says the company: ‘With utmost dedication to facilitating sustainable choices, this new service empowers architects, designers, and consultants by providing them direct and clear access to comprehensive product information regarding their contributions to achieving green building certifications.’

‘We’re excited to offer Green Building Cards, a valuable tool offering an unmatched level of clarity and convenience to make sustainable product selection easier,’ said Myriam Tryjefaczka, EMEA sustainability and public affairs director at Tarkett.

‘We understand the importance of achieving certifications and are committed to supporting our customers in their efforts to create greener buildings.’

Continues the company: ‘The Green Building Cards cover an extensive 70% of Tarkett’s product portfolio and can be easily accessed from its web product pages. Available in two editions, tailored for commercial and residential products respectively, they provide clear information on product sustainability attributes, such as carbon footprint and recyclability, and their contribution to various green building certifications, including BREEAM, LEED and WELL.’

Tarkett says it strives to help architects and designers make more sustainability-conscious decisions. In 2021, merging the idea of sustainability and beauty, the Circular Selection was created to guide architects and designers looking for Tarkett’s most sustainable products.

Collections that are part of the Circular Selection are recyclable post-use, phthalate-free, good for people and planet.

In 2022, Tarkett introduced the carbon calculator, offering them full transparency on the carbon footprint of its flooring collections, including product’s end-of-life scenarios. The Green Building Cards now support them in making the right flooring product choices that contribute to their certification goals.

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