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Tecfloor | 100 shades of Linoleum

LINOLEUM is a natural product, which is made up of all-natural products, such as linseed oil, cork, resin, wood and jute, being 98% organic and mineral-based. Linoleum can be used on walls and flooring, cut to any shape and size.

Techfloor has more than 100 different shades, which are made up of solid colours, textures, and designs from our DLW Collection.

‘Linoleum is suitable for many parts of a house, and is easy to maintain, which is one of the positives,’ says the company. ‘Linoleum is becoming more popular within home interior, owing to its clean smooth finish, vibrant and neutral tones, antibacterial, and pleasantly warming.’

DLW Linoleum is available in two finishes, PUR and LPX.

PUR is said to be resistant to marking and highly resistant to chemicals (eg hand disinfections). Owing to the Linoleum PUR coating, and the lower need for harsh cleaning chemicals, PUR finish is a suitable floorcovering for hospitals and nursing homes.

LPX is the standard reinforcement coating for linoleum and a cost-effective alternative to PUR. The LPX finish can cope without additional treatment as long as the recommended cleaning and maintenance instructions are followed, in case of damage to the surface. With an LPX finish, it’s claimed to be extremely easy to restore the surface to its initial finish.  
The company says its pros include the following: environmentally friendly; natural product; asthma and allergy friendly; resistant to water; antibacterial; available in more than 100 colours; simple and easy to clean and maintain; handled in high traffic areas, with very little wear-and-tear; soft and pleasant to the feet.
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