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After 33 years of customer feedback, ProKnee Corporation says its newest full-length model kneepad is the 0714/0714E.

Says the company: ‘This custom-made, custom-fit kneepad comes in 18 lengths to ensure the right fit to your personal shin length; two knee seat widths in standard and wide to best match your knee circumference; and two cushion thicknesses in 5/8in and 1in for your choice of desired comfort level. Ensuring proper fit is crucial to delivering optimal comfort and performance, so you can receive all the benefits ProKnee pads have to offer.’

ProKnee goes on to say:
Finding your personal measurements can be achieved in three simple steps:
1 Remove your shoe.
2 While standing, measure from the floor (Figure 1: A) to the top of the kneecap (Figure 1: B).
3 Measure around the widest part of your calf muscle (Figure 1: C) with work pants on. The kneepad model (0714 Standard vs. 0714E Wide) is related to your knee width and determined by the C measurement. A measurement of 17.5in or larger defaults to a Model 0714E Wide.

In some rare cases, a person may have a wider calf, but narrow knee width and will require our Standard model. This is why it’s important to try on your pads to ensure you have the correct size AND width before putting them to work.

There are right and wrong ways to measure for ProKnee kneepads. The perfect fit has the top of the kneepad coming to the top of the kneecap, +/- ¼in. One of the most common things people do wrong is measure with their shoes on; this results in the kneepad fitting too high.

Another common mistake is when people measure to the bottom of the kneecap, which results in the kneepad fitting too short. Don’t measure from the top of the foot. Do ensure your tape measure isn’t slanting or buckling. Don’t sit while being measured as this will also result in the kneepad fitting too short. Most importantly don’t measure with your legs in a slanted position. (Figure 1: see ‘incorrect’ photos)

This custom fit creates even weight distribution with ProKnee’s patented shin support system by taking weight off the joints and spreading it out over the length of the shins. This reduces direct pressure on the knees and forces the user to use proper kneeling techniques that can preserve knee health and aid current knee conditions.

ProKnee also offers you a choice of cushion thickness (5/8in vs 1in cushion thickness), so determining which one is right for you ultimately comes down to preference. ⁠More than 75% of our customers prefer 1in cushion inserts and we recommend them if you work on your knees eight plus hours a day, have had any knee problems or surgery, if you weigh more than 200 lbs or if you prefer the maximum protection we offer.

However, some of our customers that have thinner legs or smaller builds (men and women alike) prefer the 5/8in when it comes to getting a better knee cup fit. You can see from the photo that the 5/8in does provide a deeper knee cup shape, but less cushioning. ⁠Unsure of what you’ll prefer? Pop by Floormart in Leicester, ProKnee’s exclusive distributor of the UK to try them on in person. 
Order Online: www.floormart.co.uk

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