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Quick time-saving solutions are important says Leister

WHEN it comes to welding plastic and linoleum floors, quick time-saving solutions are important. Says Leister: ‘Our new reliable and practical automatic floor welder, the Unifloor 500, is a fresh and reimagined development of the established Unifloor E/S models. While retaining the impressive array of features which allow for complete control over the welding process, the new  Unifloor 500 boasts some outstanding new automated design features aimed at saving time and increasing efficiency, whilst welding natural and plastic floor coverings quietly and reliably.’

The company continues: ‘The  Unifloor 500 is suitable for welding the joints in resilient floorcoverings made of plastic such as PVC, CV, PUR, antistatic ESD floors, as well as for sealing the joints in natural coverings made of linoleum and rubber.’

Adds the company: ‘Owing to its sophisticated design and the new Automatic Nozzle Positioning (ANP) developed by Leister, the Unifloor 500s hot-air blower can be swung in and out automatically with the press of a button, removing the need to manually move the heat gun into position, and will engage only once the programmed temperature has been reached. With the integrated wall contact switch, the Unifloor 500 hot-air blower now rotates out automatically on contact with any wall, making it almost impossible for the hot air blower to burn the floorcovering.’

Says the company: ‘Complete with separate airflow, temperature, and speed controls, a digital display with set and actual values, and a drive speed of up to 7.5m per minute, the Unifloor 500 generates constant outputs and, precise, repeatable welded seam results.

‘Quickly weld all floorcoverings without any reconfiguration and effortlessly switch from synthetic to natural flooring by closing the flap on the pressure roller which reduces the preheating air that heats the welding rod.’

For easy transport and effortless working, the  Unifloor 500 has a guide rod and smooth-running transport wheels which allow it to be moved easily from joint to joint, says the company.

‘The practical fold-up welding rod pressure roller can be raised and locked, allowing the welding rod to be inserted easily, without tilting the Unifloor 500. Different welding rod diameters can also be interchanged easily by adjusting the contact pressure of the pressure roller with an adjusting screw.

The integrated side-cutter means users will always have the right tool for cutting the welding rod, and with the welding rod de-reeler simply attached with a screw to the Unifloor 500, the floor-welding experience is now safer, easier, and more reliable.’

Continues Leister: ‘The Unifloor 500’s maintenance-free brushless drive and blower motor make it particularly durable and quiet while welding, and with the air volume of the hot-air blower automatically reduced when in the resting position, the noise emission is barely audible. By automatically switching to Eco mode while taking a longer break, the Unifloor 500 will lower the air temperature to protect the environment and the heating element, significantly reducing energy consumption on the job site.’

Developed by Leister, which describes itself as the leading name in plastic welding applications, the Unifloor 500 is supplied to the UK by Welwyn Tool Group.

Concludes the company: ‘Welwyn supplies the full range of Leister plastic welding and industrial process heat equipment and offers highly competent technical support by their team of dedicated engineers.’
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