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Let’s be honest here. You probably haven’t heard of Tover

That’s because we do things a bit differently here. You see, our competitors often ‘talk the talk’ on green, but at Tover we have been proudly walking the walk by powering our factory with solar power since 2010. This not only helps us secure a better future for the planet and our children, it keeps the lights on, the mixers turning, and vitally provides Tover with total independence from reliance on energy supplies from any other country, guaranteeing that we never miss a beat or let you down. And as if this wasn’t enough, the sun has the added advantage of being free, meaning that we pass on the savings we make by using solar, on to the most important people in the world to us. You, our customers.

We also realised early that we just didn’t need actions on the roof of the building, we needed actions at every stage of our thinking as a company if we were truly going to make a difference in the world and to our customers’ ease of doing business and their profit margins. That’s why every raw material, every bucket and pail, every pallet, every piece of pen and paper that we buy as a company gets to our doors by carefully vetted, and truly local suppliers at the closest distance to the factory, minimising carbon footprint and keeping us free from hard to control transport price increases from suppliers.

Okay. We know what you’re thinking here. All this is fine and dandy, but why haven’t I heard of Tover before? Who do I know that uses you and most importantly, can I really trust you? Well, we can answer you by telling you that there is a good reason that Tover products are used on the most prestigious projects in over 28 countries worldwide since 1999, and even though we have grown by over 6,400% in the UK market since 2016, there is also a reason why you (probably) haven’t heard about us. The thing is, we generally don’t ‘do’ adverts. Come to think of it, we mostly don’t ‘do’ grand merchandising and PR campaigns either. There are two, simple reasons for this. Firstly, we prefer to win our business by letting the technical excellence and performance of our products speak for themselves. The second reason is that we plough the vast majority of our profits back into R&D to give you the perfect products to help you complete each job no matter how demanding, in the most secure and efficient way possible because in our trade, we believe in completing the job the right way first time and every time, without ever looking or having to go back.

Now that we have introduced ourselves, we would like to introduce two products to you. The first is our MS Polymer adhesive for wooden flooring, MS Start.

MS Start is a pure Kaneka resin MS Polymer that does not need a primer, is suitable for use with under floor heating and is guaranteed to bond any width of engineered flooring and up to 140mm wide solid wood flooring planks such as herringbone. Because we only use Pure Kaneka resin in our formulations, MS Start flows well and ‘holds its peak’ standing proud after trowelling, crucially allowing repositioning after application on to the subfloor. Coverage is outstanding at up to 20sqm per 15kg bucket, and we can also supply MS Start with a trowel included inside the bucket.

Essenza is a water based two-part lacquer that provides the most invisible finish of any lacquer that you can buy in the world today. Without the need for a primer, and with a recommended two coats only, Essenza can be used to protect all light wood floors such as oak and maple which are subject to the heaviest commercial traffic like restaurants and airports. With unrivalled chemical and spot resistance and coverage up to 77sqm per 5.5ltr tub, Essenza really is the Rolls Royce of totally nude and invisible wood flooring protection.
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