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‘A fast track route to career progression’

THE Quick-Step Academy’s foundation level courses are described as ‘the perfect introduction’ for anyone starting out in the industry, opening a fast-track route to the academy’s famed Master Installer programme.

Says the academy: ‘For installers and apprentices yet to explore a route to professional qualifications, the Quick-Step Academy’s Foundation Installer: Laminate & Wood and Foundation Installer: Vinyl courses are the perfect way to kick-off a new career in floor installation.

‘Taking place over two days at the academy’s well-equipped training facility in Manchester, the courses cover various aspects of subfloor preparation and installation. At the end, fitters will have a solid basic knowledge of wood, laminate or vinyl floors and the confidence to install a wood, laminate, or vinyl floor the right way.

‘A one-to-one mentoring programme ensures success for every candidate, regardless of previous knowledge or experience, so even the freshest industry recruit will leave feeling enthusiastic and excited about their new career.

‘Importantly, it’s also the only entry-level course that opens a fast-track route to the famed Master Installer badge. Foundation course attendees can enrol for the Master Installer scheme just six months after completion, ensuring a top-level qualification with proven business lead generation in less than a year.’

Lee Thompson, technical and procurement manager for the Quick-Step Academy, explains: ‘For many entering the industry, even under watchful experienced installers, the right path to future career security and success can be confusing. Here at the academy, we appreciate that and have developed a course directly connected to career progression.

‘The foundation is just the beginning, with guidance through the dedicated technical helpline and a route to the Master Installer scheme laid out. Ordinarily, we require at least two years of experience, making foundation courses the only option for new flooring installers to get up to speed and gain the skills, experience and knowledge that will mark them out as one of the industry’s best.’

The courses offer a mix of discussions, practical installations and theoretical learning and courses can be booked by visiting the academy’s website.

For further information and to book your place on a Quick-Step Academy foundation level course, visit our website.

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