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Altro offers training courses in LVT

Adam Buxey elaborates on the training Altro offers regarding LVT.

SELECTING the ideal adhesive for LVT depends on various factors, including the subfloor material and installation environment. It’s therefore important to receive the necessary training and to be made aware of what can go wrong, should the incorrect adhesive be selected. The Altro Modular flooring LVT course is designed to guide you through all key topics, including sub-floor preparation, moisture testing and of course the correct selection of adhesive. When it’s time to roll your sleeves up, we’ll also take you through many of the basic, but important, techniques required to achieve a quality installation.

We know pressure-sensitive adhesives and multi-purpose adhesives, such as an acrylic, are often favoured, however the use of a more robust two-part polyurethane product may be recommended dependant on the installation environment and subfloor type. We’ve also noticed high-temperature adhesives becoming more common, especially in areas of potential solar gain or when temperatures are elevated.

At Altro we know there are many different adhesive types, hence we make it our business to stay updated with all new and evolving adhesive technologies. We achieve this by creating strong relationships with our key adhesive manufacturing partners, some of which can be found supporting our training schools.

Altro will touch on all the above and more in the LVT training course, which takes place at Letchworth over two days. Alternatively, the Altro LVT course can also be booked with our strategic training partner – Beach Brothers Ltd, in Exeter.

Once the training has been completed, our technical services team will be there to offer any further advice and support you may need. It’s crucial to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for your specific LVT product, as they typically recommend compatible adhesives.

Furthermore, seeking professional advice or installer recommendations based on the specific conditions of your installation can be invaluable in ensuring the right adhesive choice.
Adam Buxey is European technical services manager at Altro

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