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Build a career for life with the academy

TRAINING at the Academy for Excellence in Flooring reportedly provides long-term career enhancement.

Floor installation often takes place in more comfortable environments than many other trades and so it is a popular option for anyone looking to build a profession in the construction industry. With favourable working conditions and a shortage of talent making work plentiful, flooring installation is increasingly attractive and training at the academy is a way to maximise income and build a successful career for life.

Thanks to foundation courses for novices and the Master Installer scheme for warranted workmanship, the Academy is a great place to forge a career in flooring installation and associate your expertise with one of the biggest brands in the industry.

Whether starting out, or with years of experience under your belt, carrying the Master Installer badge is testament to professionalism and a mark of skill. It is also a way to ensure you are able to secure work at the best possible rates.

Lee Thompson from the academy says: ‘Right across the industry – in both commercial and private work – there is a shortage of skilled installers and so the best are always in demand. Thanks to their status and association with the Quick-Step brand, our Master Installers are seeing a record number of enquiries and there is a clear need for a larger, skilled workforce to meet demand. For these reasons, training at the academy is a great way to build a successful long-term career with some of the highest rates in the industry.’

Taking place over two days at the academy’s well-equipped training facility, foundation courses cover various aspects of subfloor preparation and installation giving fitters the basic knowledge and confidence to install a wood, laminate, or vinyl floor.

A one-to-one mentoring programme ensures success for every candidate, so even the freshest industry recruit will leave feeling enthusiastic and excited about their new career. Importantly, it is also the only entry-level course that opens a fast-track route to the Master Installer programme with enrolment just six months after completion.

The academy’s Master Installer programme covers a mix of knowledge and practical installation skills for installers with more than two years of experience. The pass or fail course ensures its notably high standards are maintained and that all qualified Master Installers can provide a Quick-Step supported lifetime workmanship warranty on wood and laminate, or LVT installations.

The Master Installer programme has surprised many experienced installers with the knowledge gained upon completion.

Having been in the flooring industry for over 30 years, Steve Whitburn is one such installer who’s now enjoying the benefits of Master Installer status for wood and laminate and LVT flooring: ‘The Quick-Step brand is well-established and trusted, so the Master Installer programme looked like the right choice. In fact, it proved so successful in establishing business that I returned to the academy six months later to complete the LVT Master Installer course.

‘Alongside understanding and working with the product – you don’t realise how much actually goes into development – we were trained on a range of core practical skills, but it was the tips and tricks to make things easier and quicker that have made a real difference. I’d recommend the Master Installer programme for anyone looking to improve their skills and enhance their reputation.’

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