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‘Fill the gap in your LVT knowledge at The Academy for Excellence in Flooring’

THE Academy for Excellence in Flooring says it’s long been associated with helping equip the industry’s flooring professionals with the latest skills in wood, laminate and LVT installations.

It says: ‘At the heart of the academy’s training programmes lies the understanding of the technical requirements and scenarios that can affect installations. This leads to comprehensive courses that address best practice preparation, selecting the right floor for complex environments, and overcoming installation problems using industry-recognised processes.

‘For example, the academy’s Master Installer luxury vinyl course provides insight into every aspect of LVT installation and focuses on correct product selection and preparation in delivering a successful work. It also reveals the importance of paying attention to the details, such as allowing sufficient expansion gaps at perimeters.’

‘LVT floors are constructed almost entirely from PVC, making them susceptible to changes in ambient conditions, expansion and contraction,’ warns Lee Thompson, procurement and technical manager at the academy. Understanding the physical properties of PVC enables fitters to know how the floor will react to the challenges of the installation.

‘While movement may not be as pronounced as wood, a gap of 2mm from fixed objects and perimeters (more for underfloor heating) needs to be allowed when fitting an LVT floor. This is crucial to maintain the longevity of the installation. Finishing gaps with colour-matching fillers, white or translucent hydro flex low modulus silicone (without overfilling gaps), or beading will cover the expansion gap.’

The academy concludes: ‘Learning to stop failures and protecting the long-term integrity of an LVT installation are fundamentals in academy’s training courses. They’ll help installers avoid costly remedial work and are often cheaper and far less detrimental to your reputation than just one failure owing to poor installation.’

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