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FITA DIGITAL – Taking the leap into digital (video) content

FITA Digital will take FITA to the next level in supporting the flooring sector and adds something that is already adding a great deal of interest and support in industry. Shaun has the story…

FOR many years, the Flooring Show at Harrogate has included FITA demonstration stands that attract large crowds as we show installation techniques based on industry standards, best practice and some additional tips and tricks also known as the #FITAWay’ Our last visit to the show was back in September 2019, and fingers crossed with the current timeline for normality we will be there as big as ever for the 2021 show this September.

That obviously left a gap in our planned events for 2020-21 and we felt the need to ensure we could still show those demonstrations to the industry, based on the hugely positive feedback we receive. In tackling the challenges of interacting with the industry at present we’re pleased to announce the launch of FITA DIGITAL, our brand new digital platform that will be the base for all new online and existing digital content.

This includes content such as our website, but also allows us to go into whole new areas such as video. Please be assured this doesn’t replace anything we offer by way of physical training or anything else we were working on pre-Covid. We firmly believe the only real way to learn to fit a floor is on a face-to-face basis. But it does increase what we offer to the industry post-Covid-19 quite dramatically and supports and enhances those practical courses.

FITA Digital Video initially begins via our YouTube channel and social media platforms but will eventually move to greater integration with FITA courses and our website as well.

It all started before the January 2021 lockdown began, when we were lucky enough to record our first batch of content for FITA Digital, spending a solid week recording content with our instructors Scott Carter-Dowding, Shane Moore and Wayne Haslam, FITA council member Brian King and our special guest, the current Carpet Fitter of the Year winner Dan Jones.

During these recordings, our focus was clear: to break down the stigma attached to training in our industry, by giving a small insight into some of the things you might encounter on a FITA training course using quality products supplied by our huge range of manufacturer sponsors.

From these recordings we were able to launch FITA Digital – Virtual Demos via our YouTube Channel – FITA Training. This content is accessible for anyone to view and is also shared across all of our social media platforms along with great support from our sponsors as well.

The demos look to replicate the rapport we build with viewers at live events, but from the comfort of your phone, tablet or laptop. And this is just the beginning – FITA Digital will also expand out to other areas of virtual content that we’ve been planning for a long time, so that we can fully embrace the digital era.

There are at least three additional ways we will be embracing digital training through the FITA Digital brand, one of which is to utilise the expertise and knowledge that FITA has acquired in this arena to offer sponsors and other manufacturers the services of FITA to create their own bespoke, branded content, delivered by FITA, one of the leading training providers in the industry. This could be to demonstrate the basic fitting techniques of their products, to expand on technical elements or to share tips and tricks. Either way, it adds value, creates more brand awareness and brings good practice to the industry.

FITA Digital will take FITA to the next level in supporting the flooring sector and adds something that is already adding a great deal of interest and support in industry. As a not-for-profit organisation backed by manufacturers, Contract Flooring Association and National Institute of Carpet and Floorlayers, FITA really is ‘By Industry, for Industry’.

So, to see what we have created visit our YouTube channel – FITA Training – to access all our virtual content and also subscribe to be first to hear of any new and exciting content we plan to release. Or if you are a manufacturer and would like to learn more about the opportunities that FITA Digital offers, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
07554 015215

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