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Mission accomplished

Shaun elaborates on how the CFA lobbied to overturn the decision to remove CITB
grant funding from the Floorlayer Apprenticeship Standard.

I’M proud to announce the CFA has achieved a notable success in recent weeks in lobbying CITB to reinstate funding for textile and resilient apprenticeships in our sector, after this funding had been under threat following a review earlier in the year.

The CFA recognises the importance of training to provide the future skills and labour for the flooring industry and signpost all funding routes and training providers. A perfect example of this is the Contract Flooring Industry Training Guide, specifically designed to be the definitive source for the latest information about flooring industry training opportunities in the UK.

Earlier this year the CFA became aware that after review, CITB had removed the additional grant funding they provide for the textile and resilient flooring pathway of the new Floorlayer Apprenticeship Standard in England. This would reduce the amount of funding CITB levy registered flooring contractors (and other eligible companies) had available for employing and training apprentices.

It’s not clear how far-reaching the implications of the original decision would have been, but it had already been applied in England and it was strongly hinted Scotland was also going to be reviewed. I’m very pleased we’ve secured this for the 30% of CFA members who pay the CITB levy and of course the wider industry.

It’s particularly rewarding to be able to engage with CITB to reverse such decisions and demonstrates our reach as the voice of the industry in all training matters. CFA put forward a robust case, but we’re also naturally grateful for the open way that CITB engaged.

It was disappointing the review process was completed without any consultation within the industry and came to light at the CFA when members expressed frustration at grant funding not being available as they looked to introduce new skills and labour to their workforce and the industry through the apprenticeship standards.

This is just another example of how the CFA is constantly fighting to ensure the flooring sector can access funding and training options when they are most needed. A special thanks must also go to Hamish MacGregor (CFA president) for his support during the critical meetings.

Funding and grants continue to be available for all flooring contractors to upskill their workforce regardless of whether they’re CITB registered or not, in most cases employers can access a minimum of 95% funding for apprenticeship delivery by a training provider and various additional grants and support available depending on the apprentice’s age and location.

There are also lots of manufacturer-led courses to choose from and a 15% reduction on all training course costs at the Flooring Industry Training Association (FITA) for CFA members.
A full list of apprenticeships which are eligible for grant support can be found on the CITB website. Through FITA and Webs Training, CFA has also recently launched apprenticeship delivery. Details can be found here.

The CFA is a leading trade body for the flooring sector and as a benefit of membership, support and advice is available to members on training needs simply by contacting me on the details below.
0115 941 1126

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