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Open Doors Construction: a gateway tothe future of the construction industry

Shaun Wadsworth delves into the Open Doors Construction Initiative, highlighting how it could be a great showcase for the flooring sector.

EVERY March, Open Doors Construction goes behind the scenes to showcase the wide and fantastic range of careers available in construction, and I wanted to take the opportunity to ask the commercial floorlaying sector to also consider playing a part.

During Monday 18 to Saturday 23 March 2024, live sites, other workspaces, manufacturing plants and training spaces will open up to the future generation of workers and is a fantastic opportunity for young people and those looking for a change of career to find out what construction has to offer by going behind the scenes and seeing the diverse range of opportunities available.

In this article, I wanted to delve into the Open Doors Construction Initiative, highlighting how it could be a great showcase for the flooring sector and why flooring contractors, manufacturers and training providers should actively try participating in this program.

Open Doors Construction serves as an annual spotlight on the construction industry. During this event, construction companies across the UK open their doors to the public, offering guided tours of construction sites, workshops, and presentations on various aspects of the industry highlighting its importance in building our communities and infrastructure.

A key aspect of this initiative is its focus on innovation. It provides an opportunity for construction companies to display cutting-edge technologies, sustainable building practices, and creative solutions that are transforming the industry.

Considering the very nature of our trade, the design elements to flooring and the constant evolution of installation, showcasing this to young people and career changes on a live site is a fantastic way to engage.

For those considering a career in contract flooring, the Open Doors Initiative acts as an opportunity to peek behind the scenes on live sites. Many people may not fully understand the career options in the construction sector. Through onsite visits, informative sessions, and direct interaction with industry professionals, the initiative opens the eyes of participants to the various roles available.

So, why should flooring contractors participate?
Brand visibility and reputation: Active participation in the Open Doors initiative can showcase a company as open and dedicated to community engagement, which can especially help with the next benefit.

Recruitment and talent pipeline: It’s clear the skills and labour shortage in the flooring sector is increasing. By participating in Open Doors, companies can tap into a pool of potential talent, including students and job seekers interested in floorlaying careers.

Industry collaboration: The easiest way to engage with Open Doors Construction is by collaborating with main contractors and other industry stakeholders. Last year saw main contractor such as Balfour Beatty, Kier, Wates, Willmott Dixon, SIG, BAM and more open a selection of their sites for Doors, where there will certainly have been flooring works also being completed.

To get involved it is simple: registration opened on 2 October and once registered, schools, colleges and universities can begin booking slots on sites to visit and see live installations, Open Doors, Build UK and CITB will help promote these sites and CFA members (through Build UK) can register as many sites as they want for free.

But it’s not just sites that can be registered, alternative tours such as training centres and manufacturing plants can also open up during the week so the opportunities to engage are vast and wide.

With 87% of visitors in 2023 stating they were more likely to consider a career in construction after their visit, an initiative like Open Doors Construction can help to inspire the next generation to take their first step on the journey from education to employment in the flooring industry by simply opening up live sites and showing them just what the flooring industry can offer.

To participate or find out which main contractors have signed up for 2024, visit https://opendoors.construction/ and for CFA members looking for additional support, get in touch with me directly.
0115 9506836
Shaun Wadsworth is CFA and FITA training manager

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