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STEM Ambassadors: Spreading the word

Build UK and CITB have joined forces with STEM Ambassadors to show more young people the wide range of opportunities available in construction. Shaun has the story.

SCIENCE, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Construction and Built Environment Ambassadors can play an essential role in inspiring young people to consider a career in construction through a range of activities, including school presentations, careers talks and mentoring.

By joining forces with STEM Ambassadors, the industry will have one scheme for all employers and ambassadors and build on plans made by The Construction Leadership Council’s commitment to recruit 7,000 STEM ambassadors, as outlined in their Industry Skills Plan.

STEM Ambassadors can help employers connect with young people, motivating them to become the next generation of our industry. Through programmes in schools, colleges and out-of-school groups, STEM Ambassador aims to grow the UK’s workforce with talented individuals who fully understand and have engaged with Construction and Built Environments.

The STEM Ambassador network consists of 33,000 individuals, from 7,000 employers, volunteering over 640,000 hours a year.

The STEM Ambassador programme is designed to be flexible, with ambassadors tailoring their level of involvement to meet their schedule and the opportunity to volunteer in various ways.

The STEM Ambassador programme is designed flexibly to suit the needs of all organisations, large or small, and manage their volunteering via an online platform connected to the STEM Learning website or through the STEM Ambassador app. This easily links ambassadors with local opportunities to make arrangements with teachers or community group leaders.

STEM Ambassadors have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of young people in a number of ways. They can support learning by demonstrating how the subject knowledge, skills, and behaviours they learn in the classroom are important for the workplace.

Ambassadors can share their journey within the trade to promote our sector. They can also raise aspirations by showing young people future opportunities available to them, regardless of their background.

Employers can also offer valuable input to the programme by encouraging employees to sign up and allowing them time to volunteer as ambassadors, making it a core part of any Corporate Social Responsibility or training strategy. This in turn offers employers the chance to benefit from improved local recruitment, invest in employee CPD and generate positive brand awareness leading to more young people considering a career in our industry.

There’s plenty of support available for STEM Ambassadors including:

  • Guidance from STEM Ambassador Hubs to help embed programmes and achieve intended outcomes.
  • Online STEM Ambassador induction to prepare STEM Ambassadors for their role and get them started.
  • Safeguarding training and health & safety guidance for all STEM Ambassadors.
  • Links to a range of online training resources through the training and support section of the STEM Ambassador website.
  • Insurance cover – under our policy – for STEM Ambassadors whilst undertaking activities.

The STEM Ambassador programme is flexible, allowing volunteers to work in a way that best suits their job role and other commitments. Delivery can be online or in person, in schools or in community groups, by supporting lessons or extracurricular activities and working with young people or their educators.
For more information on STEM Learning, Ambassadors and projects visit www.stem.org.uk
0115 950 6836

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