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‘The Academy for Excellence in Flooring is there for when things don’t go to plan’

QUALIFIED master installers from the Academy for Excellence in Flooring reportedly benefit from round the clock technical support.

Says the company: ‘As some of the most skilled professionals in flooring installation, Quick-Step master installers have excellent technical knowledge and are capable of overcoming almost every onsite challenge they may encounter.

‘However, from time-to-time, everyone needs a little support and so master installers have access to a free technical advice line to the academy’s trainers and technical managers.’

Knowing the academy’s experts are on hand to help with technical issues means master installers can reportedly meet onsite problems head on. So, whether it’s a question about the subfloor or atmospheric conditions, something related to product suitability or a query about finishing; master installers ‘know Quick-Step has their back’.

Lee Thompson, technical & procurement manager, says: ‘Even though master installers are in the industry’s top tier of installers, there’ll be times when issues and challenges onsite might need some advice. Sometimes calls to our technical helpline can just be a case of confirming what they already know, but should it be more a complex issue that’s not so easy to solve, we’re on hand to lend our expertise and work out the solution.’

Quick-Step master installers are said to be the only professionals with access to this free technical helpline. ‘With free and unlimited access, it’s just one benefit of qualification. The most notable advantage is that of a manufacturer-backed lifetime installation warranty, which has been one of the reasons why 90% of master installers believes the badge has a positive effect on business.

‘Alongside the technical helpline and lifetime installation warranty, master installers are given a full and rounded support package, including swatch books and updates, sales organisers and brochures. There’s also a range of branded clothing available for purchase and the master installer logo can be used on company vehicles and stationery to gain highly visible credibility.’

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