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The development of training in the flooring sector continues to grow

Shaun Wadsworth provides readers with an update on Apprenticeship Standards and (S)NVQ revisions.

LAST October I wrote about how important it is for me to support CFA members (and the wider industry) in identifying all the training opportunities in the sector and that I also ensure members’ voices are heard when vital change is required to training standards and qualifications. It was at that point that CFA, its members and the wider training sector of the industry began reviewing and updating two very important training routes within the floorlaying sector, the Apprenticeship Standard and the National Occupational Standards that make up (S)NVQs.

It has now been a year since our first meeting with the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education (IFATE) and in that time CFA, its members, flooring training providers and End Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs) have worked together to review the apprenticeship standard in its current format and make valued changes to the knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) required of any apprentice floorlayer undertaking formal training.

The intended outcome for updating the Standard is to enable it to sit alongside other construction Standards, to futureproof it, reflect on changes to floorlaying and processes used and finally to review the assessment process the apprentice undertakes at the end to prove competency. Important additional principles and characteristics such as Digital Construction, Net Zero Carbon, Building Safety, Mental Health have also been amended or added as required.

The revision has given the working group the opportunity to reflect on whether the current content and KSBs and funding reflect industry expectations within floorlaying. At the time of writing the group are looking at the assessment plan of the apprenticeship and I am hopeful changes needed are agreed to allow the apprenticeship to be as open as possible to the wider industry but still maintain the quality standards any employer would want their apprentice to achieve after a minimum of two years training.

At the same time last year, the CFA was also approached to work in conjunction with Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) to review the current Floorcovering National Occupational Standards (NOS) which underpins vocational training, apprenticeships, frameworks, and (S)NVQ qualifications across the UK, in all sectors and occupations.

The CFA and its members have shown great support to CITB in this review with members from all over the UK attending meetings to engage and participate in debate around training giving up their time, knowledge and experience to ensure that the key training opportunities in the UK are fit for purpose and correctly funded.

The NOS review is almost completed and the final stages of the process centre around cross mapping of the NOS against the relevant qualification, credit and levelling, moderating and sending out the changes to the wider training industry for consultation. In both cases the key driver has been the willingness of industry to help ensure the development of training with the flooring sector remains consistent with many industry experts providing their time for the benefit of the industry.

So, thank you to representatives from CITB, IFATE, AG Flooring, Westcotes Flooring, Designer Contracts, MacGregor Flooring Company, Veitchi Flooring, GL Flooring, Floortrain, CP Assessments, Derwentside College, City of Glasgow College, Chief Assessments and NOCN who have all provided valuable input and time into both working groups.
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Shaun Wadsworth is CFA and FITA training manager

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