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Two new apprenticeships ‘will help open doors’

A MIDLANDS-BASED online retailer has continued to invest in its people by signing up two members of the team to apprenticeships that’ll help open new doors to them in the business.

UK Flooring Direct’s Andy White and Laura Flude are undertaking apprenticeships to help them develop in their current roles as well as their future careers with UKFD, which has bases in Hinckley and Coventry.

Senior digital analyst Andy White and warehouse administrator Laura Flude are now studying for their Level 5 Operational Department Management and Level 2 AAT Accounting qualifications respectively, with the full support of the business.

Laura’s apprenticeship course is being provided by North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College and Andy’s by DBC Training.

As a key member of UKFD insight team, Andy is focused on monitoring how customers interact with the company website and evaluating their behaviour to ultimately improve their digital experience.
Andy said: ‘I already manage one colleague in my role as a senior member of the insight team, so receiving operational training will give me strong foundations to use when leading my mini-team in the here and now, and allow me to continue honing my management skills in the coming weeks and months.

‘For me, the Level 5 qualification is great, but it’s all about accumulating knowledge, which my apprenticeship is going to provide. I want to become a better manager, pick up more transferable skills that can be applied in my dealings across the business, and most importantly deliver a better service for the customers I interact with and the stakeholders I work with.’

Working as an integral part of the UKFD distribution team, Laura is now combining her role organising in the warehouse with specialist work within the accounts part of the business.

Laura said: ‘The know-how I possess about the finance department of the business is growing and throughout the duration of the 15-month course, I hope to learn even more and apply it to my daily activities at work.

‘Obviously, it’s key that I pass and get the Level 2 qualification, but first and foremost in my thinking is broadening my horizons through the apprenticeship and picking up skills that will allow me to make the most of the chance I have to support other departments of the business.’
Andy and Laura are making the most of the opportunity presented to them in the mid-point of their professional lives to embark on extra training, with the benefit of an additional qualification to go on their CVs at the end of the process.

Faye Summers, HR director at UKFD, said: ‘Developing people is important to us and remains a key part of our strategy for the business.

‘We’re delighted to be supporting Andy and Laura on their apprenticeship courses and it shows that they are not just designed for school-leavers but those people who want to take the next step in their career, something we very much advocate and encourage as a business.’

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