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What are the advantages of LVT training?

Paddy McNicholas elaborates on the specific advantages of training when it comes to installing LVT.

MANY flooring contractors specialise in fitting luxury vinyl tiles, and clients expect a luxurious finish. This encompasses the entire process, starting from the initial enquiry, followed by the site visit, and ultimately the installation. All three aspects carry equal importance. As the saying goes, ‘you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression’. Our site visits need to be meticulous to ensure floors can withstand the test of time. Furthermore, the installation itself is the visible result customers will see for 25 years or more. Fortunately, in the UK, we’ve several excellent training providers, which in turn have produced a wealth of highly skilled installers across all aspects of flooring.

Personally, I’ve specialised in LVT for nearly 20 years, and I would argue that UK installers are setting the global standard for LVT installations. This is primarily owing to the emphasis on training and the desire of fitters to constantly improve. Social media has also played a role in raising the standard of work, but training has been instrumental in providing the knowledge and support necessary for this standard to rise.

There are many aspects to creating a beautiful LVT floor installation. Learning from mistakes is a very expensive lesson and potentially damaging to your reputation. The culmination of knowledge you gain from a training course gives you the skills and knowledge to create the high-end finish clients desire. If you attend a training course, you’ll therefore be better at your job, making it easier and quicker. This will allow you to work more efficiently and earn more money. Your portfolio will improve, as will your reviews from clients. Bad reviews online or continual issues with an installation or replacement will cost a lot more than a training course.

Telling your potential clients you’re trained shows that you’ve invested in your career, which is a selling point. Additionally, attending a training course and gaining more knowledge and a better skill set will give you more confidence.

Overall, training in the flooring industry equips you with the necessary expertise, credibility, and professional edge to excel in your career, while also ensuring customer satisfaction and adherence to industry standards.
Paddy McNicholas is founder of MN Floor Training

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