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Why all roads lead to FITA…

With apprenticeships, NVQs, private training courses and more, FITA has all your flooring training needs covered, says Shaun Wadsworth.

FITA is delighted to announce that our brand-new prospectus for the 2023-24 training year is now live in both digital and hard copy versions listing all of our exciting training opportunities in England AND Scotland. Over the past twelve months there has been a huge demand for training in all forms at both our Loughborough and Kirkcaldy training centres and this new guide reflects the sharp end of what industry is asking for.

The new FITA prospectus for 2023-2024 is packed full of information surrounding our wide range of training courses, ranging from 1-day workshops to 4-day intensive courses. They are designed to deliver content at a variety of entry levels. The prospectus is clearly colour coded to give an easy-to-read outline of what courses are aimed at domestic and commercial fitters, with some even covering both.

The prospectus includes dedicated manufacturer training courses delivered in conjunction with FITA and its training consultants. These courses sit outside our standard course content and are specifically designed and driven by the manufacturer and quality assured by FITA and its training consultants in delivery.

This year has seen FITA make some great changes to courses following development with our Training Consultants and attending delegates. We are delighted to now offer our first online course, Moisture – Preventing Floor Failures. This one-day course has moved online only, meaning we can deliver it to industry far and wide without the need to leave your home or place of work. It cuts down on travel and time away from the business without compromising the quality of learning. Other course adjustments include adding herringbone installation techniques to our Intermediate LVT installation course and stair runners to our Intermediate Carpet Installation course!

Each course details what will be covered over the duration and if there are any entry level requirements. This includes key information on the SKILLS, KNOWEDGE and BEHAVIOURS that will are practised during the training course. We believe that outlining the key criteria that a delegate will take away with them is much more effective than simply listing topics that will be covered with little context.

On every training course, you will always hear our instructors talk about the ‘FITA Way’. Following British Standards and current industry best practices, utilising the latest products, tools and techniques, we believe our method of teaching gives you the best opportunity to gain experience, learn new skills, develop existing ones, improve your confidence, gain a competitive edge and invest in your future. Whether you are just starting out or you need additional training to go that one step further, our training courses (aimed at both the domestic and commercial markets), are taught by seasoned professionals with specialist knowledge of the flooring industry. They will enjoy teaching you the ‘FITA Way’.

The prospectus outlines opportunities available for anyone looking to gain a formal qualification in floorlaying, regardless of their age or skill level. FITA deliver the L2 Floorlayer Apprenticeship Standard alongside our delivery partners Webs Training Ltd, offering a direct route into a trade that is crying out for the next generation of floorlayer. With funding available to almost all apprentices, regardless of their age, and dedicated high quality training backed by both CFA and NICF, FITA is aiming to set the gold standard of apprenticeship delivery.

If you’re a skilled floorlayer looking to gain an NVQ, then FITA can help there too. We offer a formal assessment process leading to a L2 NVQ in floorcovering occupations, assessed in situ without the need to attend off the job training.

The only reason we are able to consistently bring training to the industry is down to the support from not only our co-founders, the Contract Flooring Association (CFA) and the National Institute for Carpet and Floorlayers (NICF), but also our expansive sponsors’ network, who openly support the training we deliver and our fantastic bank of training consultants who give up time out of their own businesses to help the industry grow. I thank them all and you can see evidence of the leading brands we use on our courses detailed in the sponsors area of our website.

The prospectus is available in many forms. You can visit www.fita.co.uk to read it on the FITA website, contact us direct to send you a hard copy or read it direct from the CFJ website homepage.

Interested in training your workforce? Or want to know how your products could be featured on our courses reaching the next generation of floorlayers? Get in touch and I would be happy to discuss all options.
0115 9506836
Shaun Wadsworth is CFA and FITA training manager

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