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Tramex | ‘Evolution of the moisture meter’

TRAMEX Meters says it’s delighted and proud to bring to you the concrete moisture encounter CME5.

Designed and built in Ireland, for decades the concrete moisture encounter has, says Tramex, been the world’s best non-invasive moisture meter for moisture content measurement in concrete.

Now Tramex Meters says it’s taken the concrete moisture encounter capabilities to a new level. The company continues: ‘Building on Tramex Meters’ traditional values of reliability and repeatability of readings, we’ve developed the concrete moisture encounter CME5 to also include:

  • Bluetooth connectivity to IOS & Android app, allowing for continual development and integration of apps and reporting
  • Robust new enclosure with rugged ergonomic design
  • Extension bracket and handle to avoid kneeling (optional accessory)
  • Optimised for extended battery life
  • Optimised for combined testing to improve accuracy

‘That moisture meter is so good, you’ll never make a better one,’ a building scientist and long-term user of Tramex Moisture Meters reportedly told the company.

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