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Building Isolation

32-34 Eagle Wharf Road

Main Contractor: JJ Rhat igan Building Contractors
Acoustic Consultant: KP Acoustics
Structural Engineer: Form Structural Design

Project Summary
Isolation of 36 warehouse style apartments from the planned Crossrail 2 line.

Project Objective
With Crossrail 2 tunnels proposed to run directly underneath phase 2 of the development at 32-34 Eagle Wharf Road, the design team contacted the TVS Group at an e arly stage to provide support in how best to integrate isolation into the structural design to mitigate against the potential future ground-borne vibration from passing trains. Careful consideration of the solutions integration with the water proofing strategy and the structural desig n was required in order to produce a solution that would perform for the lifetime of the building.

A continuous layer of Sylomer materials was installed on top of a concrete blinding to the underside of the raft slab in 37.5mm thickness. In addition to this a 25mm layer of Sylomer materials was installed between the sheet piled wall and the concrete liner wall to completely separate Phase 2 of the build from the un-isolated Phase 1 structure and all the surrounding ground.

Special Features

• 11.3Hz natural frequency solution
• Maintenance Free
• Design life greater than that of the building
• Suitable for installation in a wet environment
• Low profile bearing solution with minimal static deflection
• Minimal influence of creep.

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