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Third Space Islington

Third Space has opened its sixth and most luxurious health club in London with spacious training areas, state-of-the-art facilities, tranquil yoga studio, 20m adult pool, cycle amphitheatre and special facilities for youngsters.

Client : Third Space
Main Contractor: Vincent Stokes Limited

Project Objective
TVS Gr oup was commissioned to create flooring solutio ns that mix 2020 style with quality and durability.

Free Weights Area
TVS Group’s heavy-duty, interlocking SPORTEC® Style Tiles, custom-produced black and grey-flecked finish perfectly complemented the gym’s colour scheme. Installing a layer of SPORTEC® Team Cup-X flooring beneath the tiles provided extra protection for the concrete subfloor and will further reduce noise and vibrations, while TVS proprietary rubber ramped edges created a neat transition with adjacent gym areas.

Stretching Area
To offer comfort and durability for the club’s large s tretching area, TVS Group installed its SPORT EC® MotionFlex product, a fine-grained polyur ethane puzzle-mat. It is ideal for fitness applications involving floor-based movements and wel lness activities. The interconnecting tiles are simple to install and neatly shaped to suit most flooring schemes while their elegant dark grey colour set the calming mood for this part of the gym.

Athlet ics-based Track Area
TVS S ports Carpet was selected for the track as it offers e xcellent grip underfoot, especially relevant for s peed, agility and quickness drills. The durability of the surface also allows athletes to push or drag a sled, helping to further develop their m uscular strength and endurance. The track was supplied in a cool, oceanic navy blue and white colour scheme.

Main Gym Area
The expected high usage of the main gym area meant the flooring had to be sufficiently resilient. To achieve this and to ensure a perfectly level flooring finish across the gym, TVS Group first laid a dense rubber shock pad over the concrete substrate. It was overlaid with a covering from the highly wear resistant SPORTEC® Purcolor range. A light grey finish was chosen to reflect the sophisticated look and feel of the club.

The Studio
In the studio, where high intensity training will take place, TVS Group opted for a highly elastic shock- absorbing underlay overlaid with a wear-resistant performance layer called SPORTEC® Color. The combination will protect the concrete substrate below while offering a comfortable and safe surface above for those involved in a diverse range of training activities.

Other Fitness Areas
In other areas of the gym TVS Group supplied and installed a variety of high performing acoustic underlays, helping reduce noise and vibrations caused by treadmill running and other high impact activities in the studios.

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