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TVS RESi-Sports Flooring with PU-Sport Surface

Broughton High School

Project Objective
After a decade of use and issues relating to its original construction, the hardwood floor in Broughton High School’s sports hall in Lancashire was failing to deliver the level of performance expected.

After being invited to investigate, specialists TVS Group discovered that the floor’s elastic support system was not capable of meeting EN standards and therefore of offering the high quality of performance which the school required.

Following feedback from the school and importantly an insight into the ambitions and expectations of the PE staff, TVS Group recommended a high-level, combined elastic system to cater for a wide range of sports.

With the old floor removed and disposed of by a specialist contractor, TVS Group got to work. The budget would not allow for a full re-screed of the concrete subfloor so TVS Group had to bring in a fully customisable subfloor. The company’s TVS RESi Sports Floor was perfect. The system uses a traditional battened floor build-up with sport-specific elastic cradles and shims to create a uniform level.

Once the heavy-duty, flexible, engineered board layer had been fully secured to the laser-levelled subfloor frame, it allowed multiple options for the final floor finish.

The choice was made to use a seamless sports polyurethane system. This combines a point elastic shock-absorbing rubber layer, coated with a seamless, liquid-poured polyurethane layer. The seamless layer was then coated with a hard-wearing topcoat in the school’s chosen colour – Sky Blue. Sport England compliant line markings were then precision measured and marked to the floor to allow for multi-sport play.

The final effect is a beautiful new sports hall that will ensure pupils of Broughton High School enjoy a high-performance playing surface for years to come.

TVS RESi-Sports Floor with a Sky Blue
PU-Sport Surface

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