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Interface expands carbon negative product offer

INTERFACE has announced the expansion of its cradle-to-gate carbon negative product offer in Europe, growing its existing portfolio to 38 products featuring 378 different colours.

The company’s CQuest BioX backing is now available across these 38 products. The company says this is another important milestone on the company’s journey to be carbon negative by 2040.

In 2020, Interface launched Embodied Beauty, followed quickly in 2021 by Flash Line – the world’s first cradle-to-gate carbon negative carpet tile collections. The carbon negative materials in the CQuestBioX backing, in combination with specialty yarns and tufting processes, results in a carbon negative carpet tile.

The finished product, says Interface, combines durability, industry-leading design, and a negative carbon footprint that ultimately works towards reversing the effects of climate change.

It says: ‘Now, by making this innovation an option across more products and colourways, Interface is creating significant impact at scale. If a project specified 10,000 square metres of carbon-negative carpet tile, for instance, it would remove 3,000kg of CO2 from the atmosphere, storing emissions equal to driving a car 7,691 miles.’

Becky Gordon, regional sustainability manager for UKIME at Interface, explained: ‘CQuestBioX takes our sustainability journey to the next level. This innovative backing serves not only as an example of how standard building materials can become carbon negative, but also how these products can be made widely available. It’s Interface’s hope that this will create a ripple effect, causing greater demand from architects and designers for similar products in other categories.

‘By expanding the range of products available with our CQuestBioX, we’re helping architects and designers to deliver trend-led, low-carbon designs that suit different budgets and project requirements, as well as contributing towards lowering the carbon footprint of the built environment.’

To learn more about Interface’s carbon negative backings, visit:

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