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Uzin L3 Gold

UZIN L3 Gold, smoothing compound is said to be suitable for refurbishment projects as it can be applied over old waterproof adhesives residues such as bitumen, if hard, sound and well-bonded to the substrate.

It’s claimed by Uzin to be extremely quick setting and floorcoverings can be installed after two hours.

It can also be used under a DPM, is reportedly easy to sand down and flows ‘exceptionally well’. It can be used without a primer in most cases and has a high compressive strength of 25 N, says Uzin.

Lower strength smoothing compounds are susceptible to indentations that will mirror in the floorcovering, especially if there’s heavy traffic and trolley transportation, adds Uzin.

Owing to increasing regulation regarding duty of care and allergies to latex, Uzin says it developed Uzin L3 Gold to be free from ammonia and latex and is therefore suitable for use in sensitive environments such as hospitals.

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