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Is a vinyl floor compatible with an underfloor heating system?

The answer is YES!
Many of our modern or renovated homes are equipped with underfloor heating. It is a pleasant and environmental-friendly way to warm up your home.
Underfloor heating is a common used heating system. But is it compatible with all possible flooring systems, especially with flooring on vinyl rolls?

The thing is: All Beauflor® vinyl floorcoverings are extremely suitable for use over underfloor heating systems.
The only requirement is that the heating system has been installed properly. The underlying floor must be level and smooth for the installation of vinyl flooring, easy as that.

Vinyl flooring with underfloor heating

What do you need to consider when laying a vinyl floor on underfloor heating?

You need to make sure that the heating system has an automatic cut-off to ensure that the temperature never exceeds 27°C. This applies to all heating systems actually, both heated water systems and electrical systems.
Because, when the heating system is in contact with the floorcovering and it exceeds 32°C, there is a danger of discoloration.

In order to install your vinyl floor properly on an underfloor heating system, there are a few things to take into consideration:

  • The underfloor heating must be switched off for 48 hours prior to and 48 hours after the installation of the vinyl flooring.
    During this period an alternative form of heating should be provided to maintain a room temperature of ideally 18°C – 30°C.
  • After installation, the temperature of the underfloor heating should be raised gradually, in increments of 5°C per day, until the desired level.
  • Underfloor heating should never be installed over an existing floor covering. Any existing floor covering should be removed and the subfloor should be prepared in line with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • The thermal resistance of the vinyl flooring will affect the temperature output of the underfloor heating. To ensure optimum performance, you should select a vinyl floor covering with a thermal resistance below 0,10 m2 K/W.
    Otherwise the temperature of the underfloor heating would constantly have to be set too high to ensure an adequate transmission of heat.

Underfloor cooling systems & vinyl floors

On the opposite, vinyl flooring can also be installed over underfloor cooling systems; however, the temperature of the cooling water supply must never be below 18°C.
Temperatures below this will produce condensation and could damage the floor covering. 

Similarly, room thermostats must never be set to a temperature which is more than 5°C below the room temperature.

Vinyl floor with underfloor heating system

In conclusion

All Beauflor® vinyl floorcoverings are suitable for use over underfloor heating systems, providing the heating system has been installed properly.

So if you follow the guidelines above, you can easily install your brand new vinyl floor on top of your underfloor heating, for a warm and cosy touch in your home.
Because, what is nicer than being able to walk barefoot at home on a floor that is cosy, soft and warm to the touch?

Enjoy all the advantages of our vinyl floors in combination with the underfloor heating in your home.
Choosing a vinyl floor for your kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom, it doesn’t matter. It’s always a good idea.
Because vinyl flooring solutions are durable, warm to the touch, water resistant, stain resistant, easy to maintain, … everything that your need for your daily use and comfort.

Whether you are looking for a rustic design, a tile, a contemporary styled interior, a concrete look, or a warm wood design.
All our designs and collections are endless and our vinyl is the answer to your dream interior. (And your dream life, as you won’t be spending time on cleaning and maintaining as you would with other flooring systems!)

Cushion vinyl floors are soft and warm to the touch, which makes them the ideal floor to walk on barefoot. Moreover, they conduct heat easily which means that they work perfectly with underfloor heating.

Vinyl flooring with underfloor heating

What about the installation?

Laying our vinyl floors is child’s play because they are designed and manufactured to make your life easier. Supple, and available in a variety of widths (from 2 up to 5 meters), you can cut them with a simple utility knife.
This practical characteristic is very much appreciated when you easily and quickly want to change the design and the look & feel of your home.

You can glue or loose-lay our floors as you choose, your floor will always end up looking awesome.

So, if you are looking for a durable floor that is easy to clean, silent and comfortable to walk on, vinyl is the perfect floor for your home. You can install a vinyl floor anywhere: in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom or hallway.
Beauflor® has an extensive collection, so you are sure you will find a design that matches your style and your interior. Because of its quiet underlayer, vinyl is very sound absorbing, which also makes it ideal for apartments or upstairs bedrooms.

Discover your perfect pattern, colour and style by exploring our Product finder or looking trough our many collections.

Found a design that your like, and want to view it in your own room?
Go to our Room Visualizer tool.
Easy as 1-2-3, you take a picture of your room with your smartphone or device, you choose your favourite vinyl flooring design and see this in your very own room!

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