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IVC Commercial Goes Outdoors

Outdoor and adventure retailer, Go Outdoors, is making the move from carpet to vinyl floors at its flagship stores across the UK, using Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Heterogeneous Vinyl from IVC Commercial. 

Having trialled new design concepts before beginning a roll-out programme at its flagship Derby store, Go Outdoors is making the move towards the adaptability and performance of vinyl floors. Choosing the design and performance of Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Heterogeneous Vinyl floors from IVC Commercial, the retailer has achieved its goal for a floor that can cope with high footfall and still be versatile enough to adapt to seasonal display changes.

Colin Atwood is head of store design at JD Outdoors: “Moving to vinyl flooring has given us more adaptability without detracting from the store’s shopping experience. We worked closely with IVC Commercial to find the right designs for our Derby store, using its excellent depth of portfolio to meet our need for a cost-conscious floor that offered great design and performance. We initially selected two designs, before trialling to make our final decision.”

To deliver maximum visual impact to Go Outdoors vibrant merchandising and displays, including popular outdoor lifestyle brands, Moduleo 55 Mountain Oak luxury vinyl tiles and Concept 70 Galibier heterogeneous vinyl are used in a grey colour. Over 40,000ft2 of downstairs space, Mountain Oak complements the move from polished metal to bronze fixtures as shoppers flow through the store. A light grey is used to contrast the darker ceilings and bring the store to life. With high levels of foot traffic and Go Outdoors’ dog-friendly policy, it’s important that Mountain Oak’s natural wood effect is both durable and easy to maintain, something that’s comfortable territory for IVC Commercial’s Moduleo 55 specification.

For the mezzanine level, home to camping and bicycling departments, the smart concrete look of Galibier has been chosen in Concept 70, a hardwearing heterogeneous vinyl floor that’s made for demanding use. Again, the design was chosen for its ability to adapt to changing displays and merchandising. Concept 70’s easy to maintain specification upholds design principles while delivering on cost and performance requirements. Both floors were installed by Hull Flooring, CFA (Contract Flooring Association) member and nationwide contractor to a range of commercial sectors.

For further information, please visit www.ivc-commercial.com

About IVC Commercial

As the commercial division of Unilin Group, IVC Commercial is focused on improving the productivity and wellbeing of users in spaces through innovative solutions that are easy to implement and affordable. Accountable for its actions, it designs and makes floors responsibly in Europe, developing a circular approach to the future of flooring.

IVC Commercial is part of the Unilin Group. Unilin is a global leader in interior design and construction products, such as laminate flooring, luxury vinyl tiles, heterogeneous vinyl, engineered wood flooring, carpet tiles, wall-to-wall broadloom, wood-based and decorative panels, industrial flooring, wall and roof systems and insulation boards. With more than 8000 employees in 105 locations across the globe constantly working on innovative solutions, Unilin is proud to bring the newest technologies and materials into your projects.

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