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Tarkett Floorcraft design service uses Heterogeneous vinyl flooring

WEST Lakes Shore School in Adelaide, South Australia, has reportedly unlocked the design potential of flooring. Architect Hodgkisons senior designer was required to create a space that stimulates the young students through learning and play using artistic murals.

The designer contacted the flooring experts at Tarkett to find an alternative solution rather than one plain colour and wanted to understand the possibilities of their detailed design, including various colours and even sea creatures.

Says Tarkett: ‘Tarkett Australia utilised Tarkett UK’s Floorcraft design service to create the embodiment of the design using Acczent Excellence 80 Heterogeneous vinyl flooring, which offers endless possibilities to create inspiring, bespoke interiors.

‘The Floorcraft service provides a sophisticated sonic-cutting service to shape complex, bespoke designs with extreme accuracy. Each part is protected with an adhesive film that holds each piece together during the installation.

‘By utilising the service at Floorcraft, Tarkett reduced the environmental impact of transporting several rolls of the different colours required for the design from our European factory to the site in Australia. The team in Floorcraft also reduced the amount of wastage by recycling all offcuts from the cutting process through Tarkett’s recycling programme, ReStart.’

The installation of Floorcraft reportedly saved time on labour and caused no concern for SA competitive flooring director, Darryl Foulis who oversaw the installation at West Lakes Shore School and was impressed by the Floorcraft service.

Foulis said: ‘The installation process was surprisingly easy, given the intricacy of the final result. The pieces came in two-metre-wide panels and vary from that to a metre-long. They are already inlaid and then taped together. It’s pretty much like a jigsaw in that you just put down the numbered pieces. All we had to do was set up the centre and everything just flowed from there. It worked really well.’
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