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What are the advantages of vinyl flooring?

Are you building or renovating a house? Then you are probably thinking about your choice of floor covering. Have you thought about a vinyl floor? The advantages are endless. You will be amazed at how a vinyl floor can transform your living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or even hallway.

Choosing the right floor for your home, flat or even business premises, is not always easy. Fortunately, vinyl floors have many advantages. Discover them today!

Why choose a vinyl floor?

No other type of floor has as many advantages as a Beauflor® vinyl floor.

Unroll it and it’s done

Laying the vinyl is child’s play, because this product has been designed to make your life easier. The vinyl is supple and forgiving. It can be cut with a utility knife and in many cases “loose laid” without the need for any adhesive. Ease of installation is a major consideration when you want to change the design of your home quickly and easily. The additional benefit is that whatever design, style or pattern you choose, your room will look awesome! Check out our installation guide.

Super silent floor

Enjoy the silence! Whether you are walking around in your high heels or feel like having a lazy day in your slippers, our cushion vinyl absorbs noise so well that it is up to 50% more silent than comparable floors! 

100% water resistant top layer

Looking for a floor that can stand up to wet and dirty shoes or paws? Or do your children sometimes turn your bathroom into a swimming pool? Our cushion vinyl floors have a 100% water resistant top layer, which is just what you need. So, you no longer need to stress about dirty floors.

Beauflor vinyl flooring advantages water resistant

Low maintenance

Our cushion vinyl rolls are extremely low maintenance. Thanks to an optional protective polyurethane lacquer, the floor is easy to clean and is highly resistant to daily wear and tear. All it needs is an occasional sweep with a wet mop and standard cleaning products. Check our blog article on how to maintain vinyl floors.

Comfortable and warm to the touch

Cushion vinyl rolls are soft and warm to the touch, which makes them the ideal floor to walk on bare foot. Moreover, they conduct heat easily which means that they work well with underfloor heating. You will never experience that cold, chilly feeling you can get with other flooring materials.

Beauflor vinyl flooring advantages warm touch


Beauflor® is the only company in the world to offer cushion vinyl rolls in 5 metre widths. This allows you to easily install your flooring without any joints to achieve the perfect finish your home deserves.


Cushion vinyl floors are protected by a hardwearing PVC layer, which is highly resistant to staining in normal domestic use . Our floors will last a lifetime.

Cost saving

Cushion vinyl floors are a budget-friendly flooring solution which allows you to create the stylish interior of your dreams.

Made in Europe

Our European manufacturing process follows strict protocols designed to respect the environment. It takes into account the needs of the local economy as well as following best practice. The components of our PVC meet the highest standards and comply with the European legislation concerning the use of chemicals (REACH). By manufacturing in Europe we are closer to our markets, which means that our products have less miles to travel. This helps us to control our carbon footprint and helps reduce the impact of climate change for future generations. In addition, we use no animal products whatsoever in our floors. We meet and exceed the most stringent international environmental regulations. We take into account the complete lifecycle of the product to help better preserve the environment and counteract the consequences of climate change. We are very proud that our products now rank among the absolute safest and healthiest floor coverings available in today’s marketplace. We aim to reduce, re-use and recycle at every point of operation. Therefore Beauflor® has made a measured and conscious decision to only produce vinyl sheet products that pose no unreasonable risk to human health or the environment. All our vinyl sheet products are ortho-phthalate free. This means that we only use non-ortho-phthalate plasticisers, such as DOTP. DOTP has been evaluated by ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) as a ‘SAFE’ product to use due to its excellent toxicological profile.


You can choose any design you want, for any room you want! Our cushion vinyl rolls are available in 2, 3, 4 and 5-metre widths, ideal to install in your bathroom, kitchen or any other room in your house. Whether you are looking for a rustic design or a contemporary styled interior, our floors could be the answer to your dreams. We take our inspiration from the world around us, natural and man-made, which gives us the freedom to create striking designs that stand the test of time. We believe that the textures and colours of the natural environment can be translated in so many ways to make your home such a welcoming and cosy place. What can you expect in terms of design? We offer herringbone and fishbone patterns, extra-long ‘planks’ for that swanky loft appearance, classic wood finishes and soft shades, as well as cool slate tiles or designs with cement and concrete effects. All of them come in a great variety of colours. Don’t worry about the size or shape of your room, our vinyl flooring is available in four widths (two to five meters) with a choice of thickness and finish.

Why choose vinyl floors from Beauflor®?

Beauflor are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cushion vinyl flooring. Our beautiful cushion vinyl rolls are the way to go if you are looking for stylish designs, ease of installation and great value for money.

At Beauflor® we believe that beautiful flooring creates the heart of the home. As a leading manufacturer of vinyl floors we offer an extensive collection of high-quality cushion vinyl rolls. We are at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies which inspire and delight our customers, but don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself. Discover and explore our floors for your living room, bedroom, hallways, bathroom, kitchen or home office here.

Beauflor® has a gorgeous vinyl floor solution for every space in your house or office.

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