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Quick system for hardwood floorlaying

KERAKOLL has relaunched its collection of adhesives, sealing and cleaning products for hardwood flooring in the UK. The revamped collection includes Slc EP21 Rapid (a rapid primer/DPM), new formulations of the L34 range of adhesives including a new rapid-setting product, and cleaners, fillers and varnishes.

A hardwood flooring systems brochure which doubles as a product catalogue is also available for the range. The brochure covers laying on all common substrates, with or without heating, and includes a rapid-laying system for fast installation of hardwood flooring is simple and versatile. The system can be used for new installations but is also ideal for renovation work, localised operations and repairs.

Quick system for hardwood floorlaying
The substrate is consolidated using Slc Eco EP21 Rapid which is a two-part organic resin specifically developed for stabilising and strengthening problematic substrates and waterproofing them to protect wood flooring from damp.

It can be used on substrates with up to 5% CM residual humidity. It rapidly becomes hard and is ready for the next application within two to three hours at 23deg C allowing work to progress quickly.

Next a layer of Slc Eco L34 Rapid is used to fix the wood flooring to the substrate. This two-part adhesive hardens rapidly even at low temperatures, is ready for foot-traffic after three hours and totally hard after five hours. It can be used to lay any type of hardwood floor on any substrate including heated ones and develops a perfect balance of adhesive force and elasticity guaranteeing the safety of the installation.

The floor is finished with an application of Slc Eco Aqua-Pur HPX. This enhances the natural beauty of the wood grain at the same time as offering high levels of protection from wear and abrasion.

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