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BJELIN has launched ‘versatile new smaller sizes of its state-of-the art’ hardened wood flooring. Said to be visually appealing, easy to handle and ideal for residential and commercial environments, the new sizes, Small, Medium and Large, are reportedly packed with ground-breaking technologies.

Says the company: ‘These additions, launched to meet market demand, mean there is now a full range of sizes available from the leader of the hardened wood flooring category. The new sizes are a perfect complement to the larger and wider XXL (2,378 x 271mm) and XL (2,200 x 206mm) floor planks, which are already available.

‘The Small panels measure 1,170 x 151 x 9.2mm to fit easily into cars and vans, while the new Medium panels are 2,000 x 151 x 9.2mm. The Large panels are 2,000 x 180 x 9.2mm and are also easy to handle and transport. For specifiers, the range of sizes also increases the number of creative floor patterns which are possible.’

Bjelin says its Scandinavian-designed floors are developed and manufactured in Europe, sourcing premium quality wood from the forests of Croatia.

‘Ideal for domestic and commercial applications, these 100% real wood floors use patented Woodura surface technology from Bjelin’s sister company Välinge Innovation – a ground-breaking solution, which makes the floors three times as strong as alternative wood floors. They’re also highly water and dent-resistant.

‘Through the innovative Woodura process, a thin sheet of wood is fused on to a wood fibre core through a unique powder mix layer. Wood powder technology creates exceptionally durable and long-lasting floors, and the unique formula also makes it possible to vary the wood-based powder mix, creating different surfaces.

‘By using this technology, 10 times more flooring can be produced from each tree, supporting the company’s sustainability proposition. All waste is also recycled to create more wood powder that’s reused in the Woodura process.’

The company continues: ‘The patented 5G Dry floor locking system used for these floors also eliminates the use of glue during installation. No nails or tools are needed since the installer simply clicks the panels together. Added to this, there are watertight joints incorporated into the 5G Dry locking system. This means zero risk of leakage through the floor panels, without the need for extra coating or chemicals.’

Bjelin offers a broad range of formats, designs and colours, from Scandinavian-inspired whites and greys to traditional warmer tones, and darker hues offering ‘plenty of character’.
The company concludes: ‘The new sizes are available in Pro Matt Lacquer, which is Bjelin’s best lacquer to date. The extremely durable surface makes the floor easy to maintain while protecting it from stains, making it ideal for heavy traffic areas like hotels, restaurants, offices and shops – or the entrance of a home.’

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