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IDS Introduces BerryAlloc high pressure floor collections

IN the world of commercial projects, the demand for tough, stylish, and low-maintenance flooring is fundamental.

IDS, serving as the exclusive UK stockist, says it offers the BerryAlloc Original, Grand Avenue, and Grand Majestic High Pressure Floor (HPF) collections to address this demand.

Says the company: ‘Known for their exceptional strength and durability, these collections are an ideal choice for installation in high-traffic commercial spaces like retail stores, hotels, offices and leisure facilities, as well as busy households. HPF represents a step up from traditional laminate flooring, offering improved durability and performance. It’s also a practical alternative to natural wood, providing an authentic appearance coupled with easy installation and maintenance.’

‘Strong and secure floors’
The company continues: ‘A key feature of BerryAlloc HPF Grand Avenue and Grand Majestic collections is the patented AluLoc 5G glue-free locking system. Made from tough aluminium, AluLoc is designed to withstand heavy traffic and weights with a capacity to tolerate loads of up to 1,200kg per linear metre, making it one of the most robust high-pressure flooring options on the market. The AluLoc system makes BerryAlloc HPF perfect for installation in large spaces such as open plan offices and hotel lobbies, as it eliminates the need for expansion profiles in areas up to 15 x 15m.’

‘Quick and efficient installation’
Adds IDS: ‘Despite their robust construction, HPF planks are simply pressed down and the lock securely holds them in position, negating the need for specialist tools. This makes the installation process quick and easy, which is particularly beneficial for time-sensitive commercial projects.

Additionally, the attached underlay pad makes installation even more efficient. These features save time and reduce disruptions, making BerryAlloc HPF a reliable choice for projects with tight schedules, like shopfitting and hotel renovations.’

‘Durable performance’
The company adds: ‘In high-traffic commercial settings, durability is crucial, and BerryAlloc HPF floors deliver on this front. Unlike traditional wood floors, they feature a robust AC6 scratch-resistant wear layer that withstands daily wear and tear, preserving their authentic appearance. This high-quality surface can endure significant impacts without showing marks or damage.

‘The AC6 wearlayer sets the industry standard for protection, making these floors highly resistant to scratches and stains. This durability makes them ideal for demanding commercial spaces and busy households alike, ensuring long-lasting surfaces that maintain their aesthetic appeal.

‘The HPF collections also offer the benefit of water-resistance, making them a good choice in areas prone to spills or high humidity such as shop entranceways and hotel bathrooms. Their non-porous surface simplifies cleaning for enhanced hygiene, while the sound absorbing attached underlay reduces noise by more than 19 decibels.’

‘Diverse design options’
The company continues: ‘The BerryAlloc HPF collection offers a diverse portfolio of 30 authentic wood-effect decors, ranging from whitewashed styles to warm oaks, versatile greys and rich browns. The oversized planks up to 300mm wide and 2.4m long are ideal for use in large spaces and provide creative flexibility for any commercial project. A comprehensive range of colour-matched accessories ensures a seamless and harmonious flooring solution for any space.’

Gail Alcock, product director for flooring at IDS, says: ‘The BerryAlloc HPF collection responds to the rising demand for stylish, cost-effective, and low-maintenance flooring solutions in busy commercial environments.

‘With their best-in-class performance and straightforward installation, they offer an ideal alternative to traditional laminate and real wood for a wide range of commercial projects. IDS takes pride in being the exclusive UK distribution partner for these fantastic products, which are contributing to a new era of growth in the flooring market.’

The company concludes: ‘BerryAlloc High Pressure Floors are PEFC certified, reflecting a commitment to sustainable and responsible sourcing practices. They’re available for delivery throughout the UK and Ireland from all IDS branches nationwide.’
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