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Atkinson & Kirby bespoke hardwood flooring ‘modernise city-centre offices’

ATKINSON & Kirby supplied bespoke hardwood flooring to ‘modernise the city-centre offices, located in London’s historic Finsbury Circus’.

To maximise the space, the design team opted to incorporate steel and glass throughout the offices. These materials were carefully selected to create the illusion of light and space, providing a contemporary luxe aesthetic for this affluent London office.

In order to balance and soften these cool tones, the design team added pops of colour throughout the office with bold statement furniture, such as plush red chairs. It was imperative the furnishings complemented with the interiors, and so the design brief called for an eye-catching floor that would add warmth and balance to the office space.

Says Atkinson & Kirby: ‘To hit this brief, we produced a bespoke tailored flooring that was designed specifically for this project. Understanding that the steel and glass interiors would potentially create a cooler aesthetic, Atkinson & Kirby injected some colour into the office with a warm brown and golden yellow toned oak flooring. The multi-tonal finish provided the perfect balance of light and dark, that will mature gracefully over the years.’
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