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BerryAlloc’s engineered wood flooring collections use Ultimtec

BERRYALLOC’s Les Essentiels and Les Exclusifs engineered wood flooring collections are made using Ultimtec, described as a revolutionary varnish that’s said to deliver natural beauty, durability, and the easy maintenance of lacquered finishes.

Launched last year after a two-year R&D process, BerryAlloc’s Ultimtec finish is reportedly already gathering a fanbase of retailers that want to offer customers what’s described as high-quality wood flooring with the simplicity to suit modern living.

BerryAlloc says the success of the hybrid finish is in its ability to bring the natural look of oil with the practical advantages of a hardwearing lacquer.
It continues: ‘By impregnating the wood with an aluminium oxide rich primer before applying a UV acrylic finish, BerryAlloc has achieved a surface with exceptional resistance to wear and scratching and which requires no specialist maintenance.

Les Essentiels and Les Exclusifs also provide a new way to approach the selection of wood flooring, embracing the consumer’s natural reflex to choose colour before texture. In Les Essentiels, BerryAlloc presents 10 classic colours offering a solid choice with wide appeal. In Les Exclusifs, the colours feel more premium and trend-leading in 10 options with an enhanced sense of depth.

Both collections are constructed with a HDF core that provides numerous benefits: due to the precise machining of the Best Loc X-Treme profile in the HDF core, it helps with fast installation and delivers a consistent and secure lock, while delivering excellent stability and impact resistance.

The core’s density also reduces noise and helps underfloor heating to perform more efficiently. Paired with 2.5mm (Les Essentiels) or 3.3mm (Les Exclusifs) real wood veneers and finished with Ultimtec, this high-tech parquet structure delivers a wood floor that’s ideal for today’s homes.

Les Essentials and Les Exclusifs can be enjoyed on BerryAlloc’s brand-new Luxe display, providing retailers with an impressive focal point in store.

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