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Heywood’s extensive expertise in quality engineered and solid wood flooring

WITH more than 20 years’ experience Heywood says it’s built up an extensive knowledge and expertise in the production of quality engineered and solid wood flooring.

It says: ‘From the base of raw lumber, fully finished engineered and solid flooring is produced. This passionate family-run business manufactures and offers what it describes as an above average wide range of products, in particular for the middle and higher market segments.

‘An extensive collection composed of many different dimensions, patterns, species, grades, surface treatments and finishings. All engineered on quality birch plywood, whether for smaller patterns or the larger boards with lengths up to 8,000mm and widths up to 400mm.’

Heywood says it attaches great importance to customer satisfaction, which it says has significantly contributed to its success. It lists the following points regarding itself:

  • Long experience and valuable knowledge in making consistent high quality flooring
  • Reliable lead-times, service, and support
  • For assistance customers can rely on a personal and regular contact
  • Logistics support for relieving customers as much as possible

A core value for everything is Heywood’s responsible purchase policy, also including the options for certified (FSC or PEFC) wood flooring, says the company.

The company continues: ‘Next to the existing collection customers may appreciate the flexibility and possibilities to develop their personal flooring wishes in cooperation with Heywood, from modern and contemporary to traditional and classic styles. Whatever the client’s interior design wishes may be, together with Heywood a suitable floor can be created. More than often this leads to unique and beautiful bespoke projects worldwide.

‘As Heywood manages the entire production process itself, it can respond quickly and flexibly to specific customers’ wishes. A professional sample department is available for making bespoke samples and showroom display panels.’

In order to realise these possibilities Heywood says it disposes of an extensive machine-park, which enables all in-house production and finishing, from frame-sawing, advanced hotmelt gluing, to automated filling and profiling machines.

Last year a new machine was acquired to respond to the current trend of increasing demand for chevron and herringbone. This reportedly offers the possibility to produce chevron and herringbone with utmost accuracy and flexibility. With this it’s also possible to make various degrees or angles, and special dimensions on request in oak but also in various other species.

Depending on the client’s wishes chevron and herringbone can be produced in ‘left’ and ‘right’ pieces, or else with three sides groove and one (long) side tongue. ‘Of course this isn’t to forget the machinery required to create surface treatments such as brushing, distressing, band-sawing, smoking, and staining,’ says the company.

Floors have been finished with oxidative oils for many years. Traditionally, there remains a strong demand for oxidative finished wooden floors, which obviously will be continued and even further developed. Nevertheless, in order to also meet the demand for UV-finished floors, Heywood says it’s also invested in this segment.

In order to make optimal use of all (including the latest) facilities, Heywood expects to release a renewed collection within the coming months.

Heywood sums up its range in the following nutshell:

  • ‘Multiplank’ engineered on quality WBP plywood, but also solid hardwood flooring
  • Wide and long boards, up to 400mm wide and 8000mm long
  • Next to plank flooring, also herringbone and chevron patterns
  • Aged and hand-carved flooring
  • Suitability in combination with radiant underfloor heating (oak and some other species)
  • Genuine reclaimed flooring and cladding
  • Multiple treatments such as brushing, smoking, distressing, and band-sawing
  • A vast selection of pre-finishing options; staining and oiling
  • An extensive collection of prefinished flooring as well as bespoke flooring possibilities.

With this varied range Heywood says it serves the domestic and international markets.

‘There are still openings for new collaborations in certain regions. Dealers who are potentially interested in Heywood’s collection, but also all companies interested in custom or bespoke flooring, are welcome to contact Heywood,’ says the company.

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