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Junckers pre-finished solid wood floors for underfloor heating.

JUNCKERS pre-finished solid wood floors are said by the company to be the ideal partner for underfloor heating.

Says the company: ‘Tried-and-tested by all major underfloor heating manufacturers for many decades, Junckers guarantees its flooring when used in conjunction with underfloor heating. By offering an all-in-one package which includes underfloor heating, levelling and wood flooring, the company has made it even easier to specify a Junckers floor.

‘A recent installation by PICA Floorings at a luxury wedding venue featured three very large, open plan spaces. The venue required the rooms to have a comfortable, even temperature, with an efficient system fit-for-purpose.’

The three rooms, a ceremony hall, breakfast room and a foyer, were all fitted with Leveldek, Junckers’ fully integrated underfloor heating, levelling system and solid wood flooring package. Working in partnership with Jupiter Heating Systems, Junckers developed the Leveldek system to simplify the specification process for customers by offering what it describes as a versatile levelling system, underfloor heating, and solid hardwood floor from a single point of supply.

Says the company: ‘Underfloor heating is the most efficient way of heating a large, open area. The heat rises evenly throughout the room and works perfectly with Junckers’ solid wood flooring. Specifying Leveldek offered the wedding venue an all-in-one solution whereas traditionally, installation of the heating system, levelling system and the floor itself would have to be separately sourced and installed, involving more contractors and more downtime.

‘The system is efficient and cost effective to run, ideal for use in a large space. For energy efficiency and fast acting warm-up time, the heating pipes are installed directly beneath the floorboards and the panels are insulated and reinforced for outstanding heat output. The system can be used on an uneven substrate as varying heights can be achieved with the stacking cradles.’

The company concludes: ‘For more than 30 years, Junckers’ wooden floors have been recognised as the only type of solid hardwood flooring on the market stable enough to be guaranteed for use over underfloor heating thanks to the company’s unique drying process. Junckers offers a full guarantee for the system, which is recommended for residential and commercial buildings as well as sports and dance facilities.’

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