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See first-hand the latest innovations in hardened wood flooring at the Bjelin stand (PC9)

Visitors to the Bjelin stand at Clerkenwell Design Week will have the opportunity to see at first-hand the latest innovations in hardened wood flooring.

The latest developments from industry leading innovators and sister company Välinge Innovation, which developed the world’s first mechanical locking system for wood and laminate flooring, are incorporated in the product offer.

Over the past year the company has been rolling out the Bjelin Hardened Wood Flooring brand in the UK. It has now completed a number of stunning high-end projects in the London area, which showcase the amazing aesthetic of the Bjelin products to maximum effect.

The company’s new hardened wood products feature the Välinge Innovation technologies of Woodura and 5G Dry, representing the next generation of highly innovative engineered wood floors.

On the stand at the show, the company will be highlighting its focus on innovation, through its Woodura, 5G Climb and Hygenius ranges. It will also be highlighting its pioneering sustainability. The company’s manufacturing process is much more efficient and environmentally friendly in terms of timber usage than traditional processes. The key to the sustainability of Woodura is the fusing of a thin sheet of real wood with a Compositek HDF wood fibre core through a powder mix layer. This enables ten times more flooring to be produced from the same amount of timber, compared to traditional engineered wood flooring and 30 times more flooring compared to solid wood flooring.

The 5G Dry locking system additionally provides enhanced water resistance by preventing water from penetrating into the seams of the floor panels, and 5G Climb is a further variant which comprises innovative technology for wall mounting. In this way you can make the floor ‘climb up the wall’, ensuring a perfect match between floor and wall.

Hygienius – the invisible room cleaner – is another technology which can be incorporated into Bjelin products. A floor with Hygienius integrated into its lacquer layer enables a natural photocatalytic process to take place when the floor is exposed to daylight or indoor light. This allows harmful emissions and unpleasant odours to be broken down, as well as enabling the degradation of bacteria, fungi and viruses on the surface of the floor.

As well as these and other new products, designs and sizes, there will be demonstrations on the stand, including a water test display, which will demonstrate the waterproof nature of the locking system, a ‘ball drop’ test, which will demonstrate durability, and also a special demonstration of the Välinge click technology.

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