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SWFC: Why our flooring is perfect for commercial retail projects

WE pride ourselves on offering high-quality commercial flooring. It’s at the heart of our mission and takes us back to our roots.

Driven by his work in the development business on Grade I and II listed properties in the 1980s, our ceo and founder Martyn Ryder was inspired to create engineered hardwood flooring tailormade for the commercial industry.

We’re motivated by service, quality, and sustainability. It’s our mission to bring state-of-the-art industrial flooring to the projects that matter.

It’s why we collaborate with architects and interior designers. Our commercial flooring combines the durability that high-traffic areas demand with the high-quality finishes they deserve.

Our range of engineered wood flooring is built for commercial properties, from hotels and restaurants to shopfloors and showrooms. Read on to find out why.

Flooring made to be multi-purpose
Commercial projects come with unique spaces to design. By investing in innovation, we afford interior designer’s new levels of imagination.

All our engineered boards can be used for cladding walls or bar fronts to create atmosphere and transform spaces. By offering multi-purpose boards, interior designers can create cohesion and consistency by matching up the flooring with the walls and bar fronts.

Over the years we’ve worked with high-profile restaurants like Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Company and Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse to hotels such as Spitbank Fort. All of these clients have used our products for multi-purposes to bring their projects to life.

Sustainable interior design for commercial properties
Sustainability is in our DNA. It’s why we’re committed to helping deliver long-lasting high-quality design with low environmental impact.

Working closely with interior designers, we use and repurpose all of the timber wood we buy. This allows us to make unique designs without compromising our commitment to bettering our planet. Using rustic grade materials, we create engineered boards via scouring and brushing to offer a reflective surface.

We ensure our materials come from certified, sustainable, and well-managed forests by working with the FSC and PEFC. In addition, as part of our collaboration with Gone West, we plant three new trees for every one we cut down. All in all, we’re creating sustainable materials for sustainable interior design.

Durable by design
Whenever you’re working on commercial projects and properties, it’s important to consider how durable everything is. Especially the flooring. If you’re catering for high-traffic areas, such as hotels, restaurants, and offices, you’ll want the flooring to be able to withstand it.

The good news is that engineered wood flooring takes top marks. Its veneer means it can be sanded down and refinished several times, so it can last for many decades. It also means if a projects design changes, the flooring can do without trouble.

Better yet, it’s suitable for moisture prone areas like basements and bathrooms, covering every inch of a commercial space. Its installation means it can tolerate more moisture than solid wood without showing damage or warping.

Be inspired by our projects so far…
We know we buy with our eyes, and we design with them, too. That’s why we document the projects we work on, showcasing how we help clients achieve their dream floor. Get inspired for your next residential project with some of our favourites.

Bistrot Pierre Restaurants
Bistrot Pierre have been serving great-value French-style dishes inspired by their chefs’ travels for 25 years. We’ve been supplying their flooring for over three years, helping them create the stylish, relaxing environments their restaurants thrive on.

The restaurant chain chose us for our quality engineered wood flooring, our sustainability principles, and our price. As manufacturers of engineered wood floors, we cut out the middlemen so that commercial clients get the best flooring at the best price.

Our Unfinished Double Brushed Fumed Oak Flooring was chosen to create a dark and intriguing tone, whilst the double brushing created deep grooves along the board. Not only is this ideal for durability, but for catching colour oils to create limited effects. We did this using coloured and hard wax oils on site, making it sustainable and easy to maintain, too.

The Place Apart Hotel in Central Manchester
We’re not just commercial experts, we’re listed property specialists too. The Place Apart Hotel required our experience and expertise to help manufacture a unique chevron board during the refurbishment of its Grade II listed building.

Awarded Grade II status by English Heritage in 1998 for its important cultural and architectural legacy, the former railway warehouse was built in 1867 during Manchester’s time as the number one centre for the cloth trade. Retaining the building’s original features, it was transformed into The Place Apart Hotel, using its impressively crafted iron, stone, and brick work.

Working with the project’s contractors Cost Consultants and architects Archer Humphryes Architects, we outlined what the client wanted and produced three variations before they chose to move ahead with our Fumed Antique Chevron Parquet Band Sawn Finish Wood Flooring. The band-sawn surface offers a fantastic texture, finished with a matt UV oil to offer an extreme colour variation, and look that’s unique to them.

Want to work with us on your next commercial project? Get in touch with us today.
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