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The benefits of choosing engineered wood flooring

AT The Solid Wood Flooring Company we’re always striving to develop our products. That’s why we work with architects and interior designers through every step of the process. And it’s why we offer a limitless range of colours and finishes. It’s also why we only use the latest state-of-the-art machines.

It’s no secret: solid wood flooring is in decline. Our belief in building a sustainable future for our planet, alongside changes in the market, means we must find new solutions. For that reason, we believe engineered wood flooring is the future of the industry. As an environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative, it’s perfect for all commercial and residential projects.

What’s the difference between solid and engineered boards?
Once it’s installed, you might find it difficult to tell the difference. However, engineered and solid wood flooring are very different.

The main difference is in the construction of the planks. Our engineered wood flooring is made of three basic structures:

  • Cross ply birch plywood back
  • Sandwich Board where the whole structure is made up of the same species of tree
  • Poplar back where you normally get just two layer of poplar this is the least expensive engineered board.

Top quality plywood boards are the foundation for any quality engineered flooring, as good foundations are for a solid house. The plywood is made up of several layers of birch; each layer has the grain running in opposite directions which will ensure the top layer has a very hard stable surface on which to adhere. You should always look for a 100% birch plywood back to give extra stability.

Engineered boards offer huge advantages over solid wood flooring due to their stability. But don’t just listen to us, let the engineered wood flooring do the talking. Here’s some of the benefits it offers:

An environmentally friendly alternative
It’s an age-old concept: less is more. And the process of manufacturing engineered wood flooring fits the bill. For starters, it uses far less of the tree per plank than a solid hardwood floor does. It even uses 75% less of slow-grow hardwoods like oak by using faster-growing hardwoods like birch and poplar.

In turn, engineered wood flooring utilises faster growing hardwoods such as birch, eucalyptus, and poplar to make the all-important multi-cross-layer plywood backing. E

ngineered wood flooring creates little to no pollutants during its production. The veneer is sliced rather than cut, producing less sawdust, and creating little to no pollutants.
We guarantee all our engineered boards are made using only the best environmentally friendly European adhesives with no formaldehyde that could be harmful, especially when underfloor heating is used.

If that wasn’t enough, due to it being durable and made to withstand moisture, engineered wood flooring reduces the need for regular replacement. And if it does need to be replaced, it’s easier to remove the damaged planks, reducing your wood usage.

By choosing engineered wood flooring for your project, you’re playing a part in reducing deforestation.

Create cosy spaces and warm atmospheres
Whether it’s for warming up your home in the winter months or creating a sense of cosiness in commercial spaces, engineered wood flooring offers plenty of opportunities.

Thanks to the way engineered wood flooring is made, we can offer a limitless range of colours and finishes. Whether you use a brushed finish for an authentic feel or an oiled on for extra durability, the possibilities for designers are endless. Finishes can range from antique hand distressed to tranquil smooth natural brushed boards through to rustic and prime finishes fit for UFH.

In addition, you can easily create cosy spaces and warm atmospheres by using it with UFH. Engineered wood flooring doesn’t expand and contract like solid wood, so it makes it the perfect fit for UFH.

Top marks for durability
Whenever you’re planning for a project, it’s important to consider how durable everything is. Especially the flooring. If you’re catering for high-traffic areas, such as hotels and restaurants, or kitchens and living rooms, you’ll want the flooring to be able to withstand it.

The good news is that engineered wood flooring takes top marks. Its veneer means it can be sanded down and refinished several times, so it can last for many decades. It also means if a project’s design changes, the flooring can do without trouble.

Better yet, it’s suitable for moisture prone areas like basements and bathrooms. Its installation means it can tolerate more moisture than solid wood without showing damage or warping.

Not just for floors
Our range of engineered wood isn’t just for floors – it can be used as cladding for walls and panels for all sorts of objects, such as bar fronts and baths. This means you can take your commercial and residential design projects to the next level, creating unique matching elements across any area.

By using discarded branches and off-cuts, we also create bespoke, handmade wall panels completely unique in character and design. This enhances the sustainability of your project and reduces wastage and promotes upcycling.

Interested in learning more, or need hope with your latest project? Get in touch as we’d love to help!

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