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The Solid Wood Flooring Company – A quick guide to Basket Weave Herringbone Flooring

PLANNING out your project schedule for the rest of the year? Working on large-scale residential properties that need atmosphere and character? How about designing sustainable living spaces? If you answered yes to any or all of the above, let us at The Solid Wood Flooring Company introduce you to our Basket Weave Herringbone Flooring collection.

What is Basket Weave Herringbone Flooring?
Our Basket Weave flooring presents a unique, tightly packed pattern of wood flooring, usually made up of continuing patterns of darker and lighter sections, which adds a sense of style to any floor. It’s perfect for both private homes and large-scale residential properties and areas like living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, conservatories and other reception spaces.

First established in France in the late-1600s, Basket Weave flooring was used in the homes of the rich and the royal due to its elegant appearance. Originally created by hand, our innovative technology lets us engineer basket weave patterns using individual pieces that can be quickly put together to form the famous pattern. This not only saves time, but also brings a substantial saving compared to pre-set panels.

Whilst Basket Weave flooring can be unique to the floor it’s fitted to, the general tradition is to create the illusion that the floor is interwoven, with each panel weaved under and over one another. The traditional Versailles Basket Weave is when the wood panels look as though they are intertwined to create a repeated diamond shape filled with square blocks of flooring.

Creating glossier looks with Basket Weave Flooring
The major benefit of adding basket weave flooring to your project’s design is that it offers the chance to create a unique look and feel. Whilst our finishes typically offer interior designers plenty of choices, our basket weave collection lends rooms something different.

As a standard, the brushed and UV oil finishes we use are purposely made with low gloss levels of around 5% to keep the floor looking natural, however, you might want a glossier look – which is why our basket weave is compatible with satin hard wax and other oils.

Whether it’s a glossier look or something more traditional, we’ll walk you through how our basket weave flooring range has transformed some of our recent collaborative projects to get you inspired for yours.

London Dock by St George
Back in 2017, we teamed up with St George’s interior designers to develop the flooring for the large-scale residential London Dock development. With 1,800 high-quality homes in the heart of Wapping close to London landmarks like the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, they wanted the flooring to fit the sophistication and ambience of each apartment.

For Block F, they wanted something dynamic to show off the high-end location, however, with budget constraints, we designed and manufactured a basket weave pattern that works perfectly with the unique layout and size of their apartments.

Our newly designed basket weave is simple to fit and is fully bonded down to the subfloor. The grain in the large centrepieces helps to add to the design and ambience of the floor. It is fully sealed and pre-finished and stain resistant, and easy to repair.

Brushed Fumed Oak Basket Weave Parquet for a private Surrey home
Looking for a statement wood floor for their client’s home in Surrey, Lindi Reynolds Interiors approached us with a brief we knew we had the answer for: bring the wow factor with a warm, dark hue and unique pattern.

We worked closely with the designer to identify the ideal colour tone, but the client wanted something more than just a Herringbone pattern. So, we took our TW-E391 Fumed Oak Herringbone flooring and turned it into a Basket Weave design with a 240x240mm square centrepiece.

In this project, the client chose to lay the boards in a unique diagonal look. Our engineered boards are fully bonded to the subfloor, and are suitable for use with their underfloor heating, creating an elegant and cosy space.

The Pavilion at Hampton Court Palace
The Pavilion is a Grade II listed building on the National Heritage List for England, located near Hampton Court Palace. It’s the sole survivor of four pavilions for the Bowling Green at Hampton Court and was designed by William Talman under the direction of Christopher Wren.

With new ownership, we worked directly with them and the onsite project manager to supply 600sq m of oak-engineered flooring to help renovate the original buildings’ old and damaged oak flooring.
Our Herringbone Basket Weave Parquet Flooring was used in the formal drawing room to keep a traditional heritage look, but with a very modern finish.

Our TW-E966 flooring is brushed and fumed and select grade, offering real character to any room. This one in particular highlights the natural grain by its limed UV-oiled oak finish. The UV oil finish is hardwearing and suitable for underfloor heating.

Our basketweave parquet allows you to mix-and-match our existing range of herringbone with the centre squares required to create the basketweave design. Completely change a room’s look and feel, whether it’s a private home or a large-scale residential development for luxury living or student apartments.

Feeling inspired for the projects filling your calendar this year? Get in touch with us today to discuss which basketweave product is best.

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