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The Solid Wood Flooring Company elevates affordable housing with rustic oak herringbone parquet flooring

THE Brick by Brick regeneration project was formed by Croydon town council to help combat the current housing crisis in the London area.

The rising costs of properties are affecting millions of families up and down the country, and Croydon town council felt this project would be a small step towards making housing a more affordable, achievable goal.

This development was 100% backed by the Croydon town council in the hopes that the 1,200 homes could be filled by anybody who once thought affordable housing would be a thing of the past.

The Solid Wood Flooring Company says: ‘We were awarded the task of supplying our rustic oak herringbone parquet flooring after working extensively with the design and architectural teams to create the floor that met their design intent and made sure for it all the while to be sustainably produced.

‘We supplied more than 20 different sites, some entirely newbuild, others regeneration work. This meant working closely with multiple main contractors and sub-contractors throughout the multi-year project across Croydon. Our experienced and robust organisation for the production and delivery of the product including adhesive meant despite the number of different companies involved, all these sites were able to work solely through us without any delays owing to the flooring.

‘Keeping a tight-knit relationship with the multiple sites throughout the whole project also meant we could monitor that our flooring was being used to the immaculate standard we’d envisioned going into this project.

‘The Brick by Brick developers wanted to ensure the properties were designed with a high-end appearance, making the residents feel as if they’d just invested in a luxury penthouse suite. This is why our herringbone styled flooring was always at the forefront of the organisation’s plans owing to being able to give each home the spectacular opulence they required.’

Herringbone flooring is popular for numerous reasons in both commercial and residential spaces. Known for its distinctive and elegant pattern, this flooring style is characterized by a series of rectangular planks or tiles arranged in a zigzag or V-shaped pattern, resembling the skeleton of a herring fish. This is how it coined the name herringbone.

One primary reason people are drawn to herringbone flooring is its aesthetic appeal. The intricate pattern reportedly creates a sense of sophistication and visual interest in any room, which is exactly why this development decided it would be a perfect fit for their properties.

Whether used in traditional or contemporary settings, herringbone flooring is said to instantly elevate the overall design, making it a versatile choice for various interior styles. Herringbone flooring also offers several practical benefits that contribute to its popularity.

Continues SWFC: ‘One key advantage is its durability. When installed correctly, the interlocking pattern provides additional stability and strength to the floor, making it more resistant to wear-and-tear over time. This makes herringbone flooring a suitable option for high traffic areas in homes and commercial spaces.

‘Furthermore, herringbone flooring can add a sense of space and dimension to a room. The diagonal lines of the pattern can visually expand smaller spaces and create an illusion of length, making it an excellent choice for enhancing the overall atmosphere of a room.

‘The talented in-house designers of the development saw the potential the herringbone flooring had. The zig-zag pattern combined with the dark, rich tones of the board added a sense of affluence to the properties, and with this particular board having a rustic look and mild colour variation gave a great contrast to an otherwise modern feel to these spaces.’

‘At The Solid Wood Flooring Company, we specialise in these large residential projects.

Working with Berkeley Homes, Ballymore, various council regeneration schemes, along with other prestigious developers. If you’re working on a project and would like to discuss how we can help deliver a floor that meets budgetary restrictions while providing a luxurious quality, please get in touch.’

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