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Wood flooring and interior design trends

Kährs has been working with wood for more than 160 years and is today one of the oldest manufacturers of engineered wood floors in the world. Their long history is lined with a series of innovations that have shaped the entire global wood flooring industry over the years – from the invention of the multi-layer board to the glue-less Woodloc locking joint.

Over the years, the business kept the finger on the pulse of the flooring industry trends and demands, coming up with new and innovative ways of making their floors even better looking, stronger, easier to install, and more sustainable.

In 2021, Petra Lundblad joined Kährs Group as product manager innovation and design. In her role, Petra’s focus lies in researching and predicting flooring trends, and creating new products and collections to meet these demands.

So, what are the strongest wood flooring trends of 2022, and how are these influenced by our behaviour?

One of the strongest flooring trends of recent years has been natural Scandinavian wood floors in light, warm colours to complement minimalistic interiors. Simple patterns and natural materials have been a major influence on the growing popularity of ‘Japandi’ style interiors – Japanese minimalism combined with Scandinavian functionality.

The trend has been driven by the way we use our space at home, with more and more people creating dedicated areas to work.

‘One of the recent key interior design trends is creating a cosy home atmosphere that accommodates both work and family life. The desired look can be achieved through a combination of interesting textures, materials, and shapes, creating a warm and inviting space that is both inviting and inspiring,’ explains Petra Lundblad.

Herringbone, Chevron, and Dutch pattern floors have also grown in popularity in recent years. Combined with beautiful furniture and home accessories, these statement floors are a key feature that can work well with any interior design style. This trend is driven by the growing popularity of vintage-inspired interior looks, featuring natural, tactile materials with a beautiful patina and a rustic impression.

‘Over recent years, flooring has become a growing focus in interior design: Floors can be colourful or monochrome, tactile or subtle, minimalistic or rustic. They can be the key feature of a room or create a perfect canvas for statement furniture and home accessories. No matter what style or atmosphere you want to create in a space, the right floor will help you achieve that look.’ – Petra Lundblad

The trend for a traditional, classic interior design is strong this year and is driven by the challenge of balancing professional and private life. A classic look is effortless, both in terms of style and maintenance, and is strongly associated with high-quality, sustainable products that will age gracefully over time.

‘Craftsmanship and quality are key factors: Now more than ever, consumers want to make the right buying choices, both in terms of quality, but also sustainability. Carefully designed products, long-lasting products that age beautifully and are made from sustainable materials are seen as a good investment and are growing in demand.’ – Petra Lundblad

Petra Lundblad’s work as a trend spotter never ends – but inspiration is all around us, she says: ‘I feel inspired by many different things: A colour, pattern, or surface texture can inspire me, but also culture and music. I tend to draw visual inspiration from magazines and social media, but I also need the tactile feeling: Hands are important tools in design, guiding the process of creating the perfect touch and feel of a floor.’

When designing a new wood floor, an important aspect for Petra to consider is the choice of material:

‘The grading and the treatment of the planks bring the wood to life and give the floor a unique feeling and character. One of the major flooring trends for 2022 is natural looks: Gentle surface treatments such as light brushing create a matte look, highlight the structure and grain of the wood and enhance the character of each individual floorboard.

‘The recent flooring and interior design trends have strongly influenced the design of new products and collections we are excited to launch this year, including the Ground Collection – developed in collaboration with architects and designers; the Beyond Retro Collection – paying homage to classic 1970’s Scandinavian design trends; and the new CRAFT by Kährs range – three LVT collections designed with a focus on an authentic wood look and feel.’

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