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Wunda Group | Underfloor heating runs with low energy heat sources

WITH the UK starting on the road to zero carbon emissions, between now and 2050, 20,000 homes a week must meet new standards. This task is set to provide work for thousands of tradesmen for the foreseeable future.

A key solution to these goals will be underfloor heating, as it’s the only system that efficiently runs with new low energy heat sources. It’s already the first choice for many other countries, and has been shown to be 25% more efficient than radiators and costs 60% less to run than electric underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating company Wunda Group has created Wundatherm, what it describes as a rapid response over-floor system 16mm or 20mm thick that can reportedly be laid without the need to dig up floors and is said to be suitable for retrofit and newbuild homes.     

Says the company: ‘Wundatherm consists of pre-formed aluminium coated boards that deliver rapid response heating and are bonded instantly to the floor with spray adhesive. Once in place, high output 16mm floor heating pipe is laid into the pre-formed grooves in the boards, looping around to a heating manifold, with up to 150sq m taking two people just two days to install. Once the boards and pipes are down, any choice of floorcovering can be laid straight away, from carpet and vinyl to wood, laminate, ceramic or stone tiles.

‘Compatible with sustainable heat pumps, solar panels or any existing gas/oil boilers, the Wundatherm underfloor heating system can be laid by any competent tradesmen including builders, carpenters and tilers. Once installed, Wundatherm only requires a plumber to commission the system and an electrician to fit the controls, and is designed with a ‘fit and forget’ reputation that is reliable, durable, maintenance-free and future-proof.’

The company continues: ‘The Wundatherm system takes minutes to reach operating temperature, unlike screed which takes up to 48 hours, and creates a comfortable heat as the boards come factory fitted with thick aluminium for fast heat transmission and the continuous leak-proof pipes carry a lifetime guarantee. Wundatherm is also noted for its rapid response time when activating or adjusting the heat temperature in a room.’

Said by the company to be a fully developed and proven system, Wundatherm comes with several options including 16mm and 20mm board thicknesses and three densities to choose from according to the final floor surface. There are different pump sets available to go with the manifold, and hassle-free auto-balancing actuators which adjust flow rates.

To complement the whole system, there’s a range of matched traditional hard-wired thermostats, as well as wireless and smart controls via an app on mobile devices to offer users complete remote control of the system.

‘In the past, underfloor heating has been seen as a luxury product and deemed to be very expensive, but the prices of Wundatherm underfloor heating systems are extremely competitive and are supplied direct to the trade, with 40sq m of Wundatherm starting from just £793 including the manifold, pipe and pump,’ the company continues.

It adds: ‘Wunda prides itself on first class quality and customer service, providing free technical support six days a week, and provides the specialist service of detailed layout plans for all bespoke systems free of charge to trade customers. With these layout plans to hand, tradesmen can have complete confidence in laying the boards and installing the Wundatherm system.’

For further information on the Wundatherm underfloor heating system or a free estimate, use the below contact details.
0800 0832677

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