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The future of sustainable high-quality flooring, ideal for both residential and commercial properties the waterproof, hard wearing solution which guarantees to complete your space. With an impressive 30-year residential warranty and the ability to easily replace boards it is the perfect choice.

Training can eradicate costly mistakes

Rob Eckersley, director of The Solid Wood Flooring CompanyI THINK It’s fair to say we’ve all rolled our eyes and groaned when we’re told...

Providing a greener option

WITH our forests ever decreasing and precious resources being used for an increasing market in...

What is LVT?

Rob Eckersley explains what LVT is, its benefits, and provides a guide for those who...

How Impervia helps reduce yourproject’s air pollution

What is action for clean air?Action for Clean Air is Global Action Plan’s mission to...

How does Impervia differ from vinyl and laminate?

We take pride in providing architects and interior designers with the tools they need to...

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